Thank You for my Birthday Gifts!

THANK YOU all for the Birthday Love expressed to me through text, phone call, twitter, Facebook and by following through with my gift request of supporting my music on iTunes or other online music media stores. It took me three days to personally thank over 500 people that took a moment to wish me a Blessed Happy Birthday! Thanks again and I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did I do for my birthday? Well, I'm glad you asked! I started my day off with a two mile run at Tom Brown Park with my wife and three month old son, Miles King Stewart (Phillip II was at school, learning in Kindergarten). We then had breakfast at Another Broken Egg. The rest of the day we ran errands while at the same time, she was plotting and scheming a surprise for me later that night at the 101 Restaurant downtown, which she told me ONLY her and I was reserved to have dinner there (She got me! lol). 5pm comes around and so we go pick up our son, Phillip Solomon Stewart II from after school and we make it to his football practice (he's a balla! lol). After practice, Auntie Brin comes over to watch kids as we go to the 101 Restaurant. It seems like a calm day. When we get there, I see three of my Omega Psi Phi Fraternity linebrothers (Ace, Deuce and the Five). I'm laughing asking them why are they here. They played it off by mentioning other activities, then my front, the 5 Dog Dave say by the way Happy Birthday, I'm buying you a drink. We go to the bar and as we sip the good liq (peach Ciroc), more people appear that include the rest of my Omega line brothers (it's 12 of us, Roo Ques!), FAMILY, FRIENDS and even my band, the PALACE! My sensitive self, almost cried three times...lol, I held it in though. What I could not hold in was that "good liq". I was told I had at least 6 shots of patron and 3 doubles of the peach Ciroc... Anyway, we had a blast! I was supposed to make it to Club Coliseum to also celebrate with my good friend Herold Macajoux and other FAMU STRIKERS. You guessed right, I was "tore-up from the flo up", so I didn't make it; but you already know how the Strikers get down, so the party didn't stop...... Anyway, the following is a link to a short video to give you a visual of the night.... Also view a few pictures on Facebook... Direct video link: http://youtu.be/CAARJw-1kMc (www.youtube.com/PSSKINGP). Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100168787136471.2223268.45003273&type=1&l=30fca17a0d

All I Want for My Birthday is...

All I Want for My Birthday- TODAY IS YOUR SUPPORT in downloading AT LEAST one $0.99 song from my albums CRUISIN/ON THE JOB, Stand, and I Need You Now!

Yes it is my Birthday (October 2) and I am truly happy and proud to be alive and healthy. I am very thankful! As you know, music is my passion and as I am currently working on my new album, I need your support in putting this album together by simply buying my previous albums and/or simply downloading at least one song from my albums, which ONLY costs 99 cents each. So at this very moment, show me some Birthday Love; Do this now before you forget; click the following album titles for iTunes link: CRUISIN/ON THE JOB; I Need You Now; Stand. Albums are also on Amazon, Cdbaby.com and other familiar music sites. To YOU that have the albums or AT LEAST one song from each of the albums, I am eternally THANKFUL! Don't stop there though, follow through on my Birthday request! Thanks in advance!

FYI, I will soon release information about my new upcoming album, so stay tuned... Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!


Phillip Solomon Stewart www.KINGPent.com PALACE@KINGPent.com (850) 320-QUE6 (7836)

What's the Cost of Music? - Musicians!!!

A guy responds to a local band's ad to get a quote on a 6 piece band for a wedding reception. The band leader says "Off the top of my head, about $2,500". The guy says, "WHAT? FOR MUSIC???" The band leader responds "I'll tell you what...Call the plumbers' union & ask for six plumbers to work from 6:00p.m. to midnight on a Saturday night. Whatever they charge you, we'll work for half."