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a sensual update

2 states, 2 bassists, & 2 drummers later the Wolf has never been stronger. As of 12/02/12 we have a full TRUCKload of shows where we are scheduled to annihilate and by that i mean thrash & drink with like hearted music enthusiasts. yes, we are loading the ship into the ocean- the docking process has begun & with our allies on our side we forge ahead.

Practiced with Drummer Wifey yesterday!

Holy tit balls! It was soo rad, last night Bonnie called me and told me how stoked Wifey was to practice with us last night. You see, Wifey is in two local bands around here, Mega Hertz, and Zombie Queen. She plays guitar in Zombie Queen and bass in Megas Hertz, and is also a fucking killer drummer come to find out! So me and Bonnie had only gotten together one time beforehand and put some some sweet blues progressions to metal riffs, and came up with three different parts of a song. So needless to say Bonnie and I was hesitant to get together with Wifey cause she's got all her shit together and we had only had one jam session. So because Wifey was so stoked to jam we were like "Hell yea!" and were soooo excited to jam with her. As soon as we all met it was insane. The energy was sooo high between all of us. We were excited just to be around each other with the notion of playing music together. She had a Sodom back patch on and immediately I knew it was on! So we all get together plug in and the magic just leaked out of us. We set together some of our shit--- showed Wifey the shit we had been working on and she LOVED IT! So three hours later, and a 12 pack, we had a song with an EPIC Spinal Lap Black Sabbath lead, then into a sweet metal-riff blues progression surf rock part. Then into a thrashy progression, then off to what we titled the "Bonnie Breakdown" because Bonnie came up with it. Its so Maiden its not even funny- then we thrash the shit out of it and there were dead souls laying all around us.