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Local Produce Awards

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me as Solo Performer of the Year for 93.5 The Beach's Local Produce Awards. It was a really great end to 2012, and hopefully a good sign for the year to come. I appreciate all my fans and listeners and am working to get some new stuff to you all ASAP. God bless...


The more and more I listen to the cd, the more and more I want to re-record the material. I feel that since the time that Steve and I recorded at Dotzspot, we've become more comfortable with the sound of each song and the "feeling" that each one can provide. If time provides, there will be a new take of the cd this time next year....

Sol Knopf
Sol Knopf  (over 6 years ago)

Mike...here's some unsolicited wisdom from an old guy. :-) Don't be afraid to let each recording be a snapshot of who you are at this very moment in time. I totally understand the desire to re-record material after you've experienced some growth in your talents and maturity. However, try to resist the urge if you can. Everyday you wake up...you're a little wiser than the day before. You will always think that you can make the song or the recording better. It never ends. Don't be afraid to let your creations be.....and then move on. There are always exceptions and you'll have to be objective enough to know when a song deserves reworking. Just be careful and be aware of the potential trap and then trust your instincts.

Hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts. :-)


Summer touring??

School's almost out for Spring Break and summer is on the way right around the corner. Any ideas as to where I should look for some shows? I want to get on the road and expand the fanbase. Lemme know your thots. Thanks and peace B')