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And then there was Phil

Hey guys, as many of you probably already know. We have a new drummer named Philip Johnson, PhD, MD, DDS. You can just call him Dr. Phil. The dude is amazing. Just sayin'.

Anywho, we're playing Deep South the Bar in Raleigh this coming Friday 07/08/2011. You should come and check Phil out. You'll think he's cute :). I'm serious, be there! Ok, bye for now.


Well, it's only been a short while since SilverGun has formed and so far the progress has been amazing. Here's a little of the story of SilverGun so far:

It started with a band called Life on Display, which hailed from Sanford, NC. LoD did a few local shows and wrote some great songs and managed to get some minor recognition in the community. Though, eventually it became difficult for the band to get together as everyone had plans to move away from Sanford for various reasons. During this time they began jamming with Chris Johnson, a guitarist who they discovered when watching the band, FrizzWheel, for whom he plays bass. As it seemed LoD was disbanding, Chris and bassist, Brad Terry, decided to form a new band in the Charlotte area with LoD's drummer Chris Callicutt. It didn't take long for them to decide that the perfect vocalist for the band would be LoD's singer/guitarist, Travis Guilliams. From there it seemed only natural to hire on LoD guitarist, Justin Kelly to complete the line up. So to summarize it's like this: LoD broke up and Brad and Chris Johnson decided to form a band that ended up being LoD with the addition of Chris Johnson. Weird, huh?

Anyway, many of you probably know that SilverGun has recently recorded their first EP. Most of the songs on the EP were written by Life on Display, so it seemed only natural to title the recordings the "Life on Display EP."

That should tell you more about us than you probably wanted to know. But as long as the music is good, who cares?