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good times in Miami

Last night was our first show in Miami at Churchill's Pub. It's in the middle of a sketchy ass neighborhood, surrounded by businesses that have gates around their parking lots, and riddled with bums who aren't too shy to approach you...we were right at home. We also got stuck closing the place out (it happens), but thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends who stuck around, we still had a killer crowd. We hope to be back there for another round of shadiness soon enough.


Congratulations, you just increased your profile to 78% complete. Bands with 100% profiles play 2.7 more shows per month...FUCK YOU REVERBNATION, that makes me feel bad!!!

Just kidding REVERB, no hard feelings...I'm just really excited that I initialized our REVERBNATION blog :).

Now I just hope I can keep up with it better than I did with my Myspace blog :/.