WOW!!! Things in Portland are really exploding in the punk scene! You've got Geno's that's totally cool and has been a long time supporter of PUNK BANDS and spear headed by Knaughty Sarah..THE QUEEN OF PORTLAND PUNK!! Now we have a second TOTALLY AWESOME VENUE....THE FLASK!!! SOME KICK ASS SHOWS have been taking place there and the word is quickly getting out amongst the 21 plus crowd about the energy in THE FLASK on a PUNK NIGHT!!! I'm Richie Rotten and I enjoy promoting and booking punk shows, it's such a blast to see everyone at these shows. I know people are making new friends, networking with other bands and ALL THE SHOWS ARE FREE AT THE FLASK!!! Hope to see you there soon, there are no clicks at the FLASK, so if you're a punk band, then YOU'RE IN!! Also, don't concern your self with building a huge set list before contacting me to ROCK THE STAGE, I'll book you with one song!!! HEY HO!! LET'S GO!!