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Gigs and A Gingerbread Man

What’s been going on in Isla land?

Hi all, apologies for the lack or blogging recently but things in Isla world have been a bit hectic! Never mind, it all makes for one exciting blog. Over the past month Isla have taken off on their 'summer tour of Londontown' and have jumped on tubes, buses and even the overground train to get to gigs all over London.

The first gig to kick off the tour was in Camden at Camden Rock. We met some great bands and their fans and we had a pretty awesome night introducing these lovely new people to the sound of Isla.

We then journeyed back to our good friends at the Shaftesbury Tavern and this time we got to play alongside Emma and Pete and Ben J Pailthorpe. What an awesome night! (Why not check out the photos on our facebook page if you couldn’t make it)

We then said hello to the Half moon in Putney! Before we played this venue we had slight concerns. On the posters, there was an image of a gingerbread man with needles stuck into it! But do not fear! We found out he is still alive! With this happy knowledge, we were able get on with the gig and we loved playing here- again we met some great people. (Thanks again for the awesome sound Red!)

Another gig we played was in Dalston- we have never been to that part of the earth before but we found it (thank you GPS on phones). Check out the photo album from this night if you weren’t able to come.

The summer tour of Landan doesn’t end there though - we have more dates in August. Keep in touch with us via our facebook, twitter, reverbnation and myspace – why not come along to one and say hi, we’d love to see you!


Also this month we launched our ‘Isla Newsletter’. if you’re not on our mailing list - join join join! You’ll get all the latest pics, blogs, news and much more sent right to your email inbox!

And finally, ISLA NEED YOU! We need cover suggestions! We have expanded our own material this month (come to our gigs to hear new tracks such as ‘Run’) but we want you to suggest a cover!

Anyway, I’m going to go and make some gingerbread men- but maybe not stick pins in them!

Keep in touch, I will report back!


Eleanor Isla :D

The Mane of a Li-On

As promised here is your Hamleys report..... What a weekend! We can safely stay that this has been one of the craziest yet fun-est weekends of Isla’s performance history. From guest chicken Fernando to playing next to a huge cuddly camel, this weekend was not lacking in surprises. It all started on Saturday at 11am. Positioned in front of board games and alongside build-a-bear, we got the build a bear staff dancing - and the bears! We repeated our set at 1pm with the inclusion of a circling demonstration boomerang! All in all Saturday was a success! We’ve never played in front of Scrabble and Cluedo before- we hoped they enjoyed the music and (excuse the pun) didn’t get bored! Sunday was even more random but hilarious. We swapped board games for cuddly toys and found ourselves on the ground floor. As well as playing in front of pandas and cuddly lions, we found ourselves next to lou lou the giant cuddly camel - pictures to follow!! One of the highlights of Sunday had to be Fernando the chicken. Masking himself as a friendly hand puppet, he is really a lively character who is ever so proud of his mane like a lion. He spent the whole day making guest appearances; he even featured in one of the radio announcements in the store. As the day drew to a close we were really pleased with how the weekend had gone. They say never work with animals and children (or chicken puppets) but Hamleys was an exception. What a fun experience! Keep in touch with us, we have lots of gigs coming up as we start our LONDON SUMMER TOUR 2011! I’ll be back with more info soon. Meanwhile, I am going to find Fernando the Chicken on twitter. Talk soon, Eleanor (Isla)

Hamleys Hamleys Hamleys Yeah!

Hello people! We hope you've all had a great bank holiday! We've got an exciting weekend ahead of us.......we're playing in Hamleys! We're playing on both Saturday and Sunday so that's a lot of songs but we can't wait. At the moment we are trying to think of set lists for probably one of the most diverse audiences we have ever played to! But! We've accepted the challenge and so we have a week planning and set-list-making. We're hoping the toys will like our music! It's all very exciting stuff. Anyway, we've got lots of preparing to do so i'll say bye for now but if you're free on Saturday or Sunday, please come and say hi! How often is that you get to go see a band play in a toy shop!!

I'll report on how it went and how many toys we managed to get as fans!

Eleanor (Isla)


First. Ever. Blog. Post.

Well here is our very first blog entry...pretty exciting! The world of Isla is busy at the moment with lots of exciting things happening with a certain toyshop (believe it or not) and gigs being booked all over the place! Everything is looking great for the summer and we cannot wait to start gigging around Londontown! We feel very lucky to have been asked to play at some great venues so we'll give you some more details soon :D

Anyhoo I reckon that's all for now, we'll be back!

*in the spirit of blogs, I am currently listening to Skrillex and reading 'The Stand' by Stephen King - cinema times + scary times*

Emily Isla :) x