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Can't go swimming because I've got a mighty cock - TOUR 2014

We are gonna make a tour to east europe with Fladderpuck. New days posted (maybe couple more are added later). Same time we are releasing split ep with Fladderpuck. Come to see show and support music. P.S. show are mostly in local bars etc. so they're are propably NOT gonna be all ages shows


Hey! if anyone outside from Finland want to have our cd, please contact us by private message and we give further instructions. You can have it "free". You don't have to pay the cd, only the postal charge. You can have it with the cost of self addressed envelope. But message here, FB or fatscarlett@hotmail.com


Check out couple new songs from our video section. -Fat Scarlett

New stuff coming up!

Hi there! It's been a busy start for this year. We've been rehearsing some new stuff and hopefully we'll manage to record it before the summer.

Stay tuned, stay fat!

Rise of the Beta-male EP

Ok. The whole shit is in here. Rise of the beta-male is an EP that contains six (6)songs. It's all in here at reverbnation. The video (you don't stand alone) is the last song from the album... Enjoy!!!

There is a new man in town

WE are glad and exited about the fact that we have found our missing link. We've managed to find a new bass player. Let me introduce to you man behind the bass: Theo Huxtable

Fat Scarlett - Rise of the beta-male EP full listening

If you don't have it, now is your chance to hear the full record.


something always goes wrong so hear is the song list as it is on the record:

1. Waiting 2. Yellowed People 3.Happy Days 4.Hold on 5.Heaven Kicked Me Out 6.You Don't Stand Alone

order your own copy from http://www.levykauppax.fi/artist/fat_scarlett/rise_of_the_b_male/#cd


Hi Fatsos!

We are thrilled to announce that our first ever EP's going to be released (by us) september the 15th! One may order it straight from us (www.fatscarlett@hotmail.com) or record shop-x (http://www.recordshopx.com/).

Stay fat!

- Svopo

Fat Scarlett in Reverbnation!

Hi Fatsos!

Atlast we've done something worth while! We've managed to merge our few braincells that's left inside our tiny-monkey-heads together and join Reverbnation! Enjoy!