Novbember 29th at The Checkerboard

Hello my friends, We are playing tomorrow night. Free show. Come hang out with us.

September 27th at The Hop

We are opening for Crowbar, HAVOK, Revocaton, Armed for the Apocalypse, and Fit For An Autoopsy. Going to be EPIC. First show in a while, Tix are $18 and we will deliver.

Music Scene

I am very fortunate to be able to attend the many live music performances that I have witnessed since joining Vultra two years ago. The musicianship has improved in the 30 years that I have been playing and I am inspired to continue to improve my skill as well. A musical revolution is on the horizon. I am honored to be in Vultra as well as the coming revolution. Come see live music. It is good for your soul and the support that you provide to the musicians is huge.

Thee days til Studio Seven in Seattle.

Going to be interesting and fun. Craig has a muscle injury. He isn't moving so well. We had a practice, yesterday, and he got through it fine. The man is hardcore for this band and it's music. The first practice without vocals. I loved it! I could here all the melodic bass stuff under the vocals. It was an inspiring practice given the circumstances. Hope to see you all there Wednesday evening. Jack


We will be at Studio Seven, July 2nd. Come join the pit.

Good morning

Good morning from Coeur d' Alene. Lots of excellent music happening in the area. Summer is here. Check out what is happening in your area.

#1 ?

Don't know if this means anything, but we are ranked number 1 in Coeur D Alene.

Kristofur Mihler
Kristofur Mihler  (over 3 years ago)

Just saw that recently! GOOD JOB!!!

Coming to Seattle

We are coming to Studio Seven, July 2nd. Lots of great music.

Coming to Seattle

Hey! July 2nd at Studio Seven, in Seattle. Come hang with us.

Last night at The Checkerboard

We had a great time, last night. Thank you everyone at The Checkerboard, Rachel the promoter, the awesome gents in Mudhelmet, Aaron from The World Through Your Eyes and especially all the fans. We are truly blessed to be able play music together and the friendships that we have with many of you who were there to share with us last night. We made it through 13 songs. The most we have played to a single audience. Once again, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to play for you.