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The Majestic

Named 13th Best Album of 2016 by NBTMusic Radio (Germany) nbtmusicradio.org/views/albums2016.html

The Majestic - the little big album. Ambient sci-fi synthpop to celebrate the arrival of our cattle beast abducting friends. I, for one, welcome our little grey overlords, their high tech spacecraft and their primitive probing instruments. Wait. What?

"Trinity Ward is one sneaky Alien ElectroIndie traveller, his newest album is full of dance, sadness, retro, modern, deceptively simple grooves,and subtle layers all mixed into one fine collection and MOST welcome into the NBTMusicRadio's 24 hour stream" NBTMusic Radio, Germany.

"I have listened to this album fully and regard this album as an excellent electronic album, strong rhythmically and strong harmonically. Very well structured tracks with plenty of electronic-atmospherics. As a summary i would say The Majestic is an excellent electronic studio album. All 6 tracks are very strong and consistently atmospheric. Well worth a full listen." Simon Thomas, Sine FM, UK.

New release Hymns for Machines

Hymns for Machines, the fifth Trinity Ward album, verges into sonic territory familiar to fans of Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk, blended with distinctive Trinity Ward scifitronica. The theme of the album is machines; mechanical, synthetic and biological, both human and alien. Available on: iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/nz/artist/trinity-ward/id385672160?uo=6&at&ct or Bandcamp http://trinityward.bandcamp.com/ (name your own price), also on Amazon, Spotify and all good digital stores arriving from May 12 onwards.

Thank you DCR Radio!

For playing Evaporator on the DCR Chill Zone with Martin Turner http://www.mixcloud.com/dcrrockshow/dcr-chill-zone-82/

Thanks again to Sine FM from Doncaster UK

The absolutely awesome Sine FM in the UK will be playing two Trinity Ward tracks on the Electronic Show with Simon Thomas this Thursday 15th from 10pm until midnight. Massive thanks to Simon and Sine FM for spinning up some scifitronica. You can download the music for free from www.trinityward.com A huge thanks to all the wonderful people who have donated and helped get the music out there.

Thank you to Sine FM in Doncaster...

Who will be featuring Trinity Ward this Thursday and beaming out the intergalactic love to their audience of 116,000+ households.

Sound on Sunday

Thank you to Tina Seiber from Makeuseof.com for featuring Trinity Ward in their Sound on Sunday section.

New videos up

I purchased Adobe Premiere Elements and made some nice new videos for my YouTube channel.

Woot! Selected for Earbits

I have just been selected by the editorial team at Earbits Radio to join their handpicked playlist of 1500 artists. A celebration is in order. Three of your finest abducted cattle beast will be sacrificed and hung for display on Lady Gaga in celebration.

Nice looking revamp to ReverbNation coming up

In the beta and I love the new look. Well done to the team at ReverbNation!

In the studio working on a new album

Audio previews of the new material will be up on Facebook over the next few weeks.