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The brand new Extended EP "Last Moments" from Writing Off Tomorrow is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Google Play, Spotify, and all other major online music outlets. The album includes Slave, Hopeless Case, Mistakes, Torture Games, Stranger's Eyes, All the Blood I Need, and a never before heard track (never released to online streaming) called Into the Fade.

In addition to being available online, we will also have CDs available for sale at the Nov. 17th show at Woodchux with Funny Money.

New look for WOT!

Yeah... as you can see... we changed our logo/graphics. We didn't think the old scheme really fit. And with our new look, comes some new tracks! We are re-mixing and re-recording some of the older tracks and will soon be releasing a new track called "Hopeless Case". We have removed our cover of "On your way down" by stabbing westward as we are, at the moment, procuring the rights to sell and stream our cover of the song. We may throw it back up when we get the rights, we may not and may just put it on the demo we hope to be releasing later this year... Haven't decided yet. Much love to all the WOT fans!!!

Another New Track!

Well the wait is over, we have another song posted for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear, show us the love!

And don't forget to visit us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WritingoffTomorrow spread the love and hit that "like" button!

Facebook Screwup

So we recently discovered that our facebook link was taking our fans to another band's facebook page instead of ours. This is been fixed as of today...sorry about that. Both our bands have the same web developer and she got the info mixed up. So, now that you have direct access to our facebook page, show us your love. Log in and hit that "like" button!

New Music

As you've all seen, we have our newest song "Slave" up and ready for your listening pleasure. We're on facebook, twitter, myspace, and youtube so far (though youtube is empty at the moment...Megan is working on a flash animation music video...which is going to take her a while considering that it takes about two hours to animate a minute 30 seconds of video) so there's a lot of places to show us your love!