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GeedUp is Hip-Hop..... Born in Denver Colorado (on the East-Side) Hip-Hop is all I know. My style is my own and their is no sound, track, beat, or lyric that comes close to mine. I produce the beats and/or music, write, mix, record, master, package and ship all my own music myself. Why this name? My real name is Glenn so, every body called me Gee. I was rapping in the park with the some random cats and one of the guys said " I got a geedup flow". The rest is history. Do you play live? Hell yea!!!! I try to do as many shows as possible. The first show I ever did was at the Rock Bottom Bar in Denver. I opened up for Mike Jones. Would you sign a record contract with a major label? If the money was right, and I could still control all aspects of my music. f*** YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your influences? Wu-Tang, The Wu, The Wu-Tang Clan, All east, west coast music only. Favorite spot? Boulder Colorado because they got the best smoke.... Equipment used: Reason Q-base SX3 mpc eps. Need I say more!!!! Anything else...? Studio Time Price List. $15 AN HOUR TO RECORD - $25 PER SONG MIXDOWN - $40 LEASE BEATS - $80,$200 EXCLUSIVE BEATS - OPEN M-F 10AM TO 11PM. Email me geedupprod@yahoo.com.