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Scyphozoa Free Flow

Scyphozoa formed in 2010 in Jacksonville Florida where lead guitarist (Maxwell "Purple" Matthews) and rhythm guitar and vocalist (Spencer "Dee" Johnson) met at an open mic at Fivepoints Coffee & Spice.

After over a year of rehearsing, they decided to take things to the next level by forming a band, in hopes of playing at other venues other than their current home venue at Fivepoints Coffee & Spice.

The duo began recording in late 2010 at Maxwell's Springfield loft and has made a Facebook page where fans can buy shirts, download Free music, and enjoy videos of our recordings.

Scyphozoa Free Flow guitarist Maxwell Matthews will be releasing a short album in mid July 2011, entitled "Weeping Sun"

Where ever the current takes the jellyfish it will go and take advantage of the flow.