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on a German compilation


check it out and download. copy link and open it up.

Killer after christmas gig on dec 27th!

Man what a show that was. Salute to Negative american, BuzzChopper, Witch Hazel and Prince Diamond band...great turn out. every one was on fire! The depoy was rocking. the nigtmare After christmas!

a review from Ugly things magazine..:)


Wrath of Typhon
Wrath of Typhon  (about 5 years ago)

copy amd paste..i cant seem to get it pop right up..lol

Fun times at the brass monkey in Baltimore Md.

We were offered a last min show at the brass monkey in Baltimore, MD With fellow York band and pals With Hazel and a cool band from MASS, the Monies...we had a hell of a good time and cant wait to go back..:)

wrath in dj mix top ten for march the bigtake over..


2011 best album cover for nov!

thanks again to all who voted..it means the world when people take time out of their day to do so! http://reigninart.com/archives/wrath-of-typhon-%E2%80%93-speak-from-the-fire-eleventh-key-2

Wrath of Typhon is on the following links for digital album purchase!

eleventhkey.com metalhit.com metalmaniacs.com and now on Itunes!!!

this sat wrath to be on chambersburg radio show!t

The show is called Savage cuts and will art at midnight sat into sun!!! http://www.wqcmfm.com/pages/10049140.php?

check it out


newspaper interview!


Wrath of Typhon
Wrath of Typhon  (almost 6 years ago)

here is the live version! http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid16457161001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAAAGAg7bE~,LaKcfUQBuwAghnA32P9okm-raumRb4Wu&bclid=1747276014&bctid=1202459125001