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Take 1's third album Renegade Sessions Vol.1

Renegade Sessions Vol.1 has been leaked on Facebook and Soundcloud. Tracks are starting to trickle in over here too. Check out the first track, Bri vs Bri right here. Hard copies and Itunes of this amazing album available soon!

Take 1 tonight!!!!!

Last show of the summer! Come down to Zelda's in Capitola for a full night of reggae/ske/punk/metal!!!

Take 1 2013 update

oh damn people, we've got all of the rhythm tracks laid down for 13 songs and are scheduled to work on the over dubs next week. We've got all new, original songs that are shaping up to be the sound of Take 1. Heavy roots, ska, old school punk and heavy metal are working their way in to create a completely unique, Take 1 barrage of music! could there be some early leaks....maybe

Next To Mine, new full length album from Take 1

Get our new album Next to Mine right here! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/next-to-mine/id490355558

New Album from Take 1!

Take 1 has just completed our first album! We want to thank everybody who helped this to happen, and invite everyone to check us out at www.reverbnation.com/take1santacruz. The album will be available on itunes soon. Check out our reverbnation page for a link to buy it!