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Things your grandmamma dont want you to do.

Who are we kidding? Yo grandmamma loves us too!

Things yo mamma dont want you to do.

Listen to Ebinezer. Aww who are we kidding. Yo momma loves us too.

August 10th

Rockin out Joes Grotto in August. Hella stoked to be playing on the Grotto stage for the first time in my musical career. Gonna be a blast most definately!

Rock Bottom

You ever hit rock bottom? You ever fallen from grace? You ever had a she-devil steal the smile from your face? I know 'cuz I been there and it's still hurting me to this day. She ever lie through her teeth just to get what she need? She ever smiled in your face when you find out she cheats? I know 'cuz I been there. And it's still hurting me. You ever had to defend your family and your so-called friends when they drag your name through the dirt and back again? I know 'cuz I been there and it's still hurtin me to this day. Does your body ever fiend for the woman you hate? The one you once loved? I don't want to make the same mistake. I know 'cuz I been there. And it's still hurtin me to this day. If everything that you love was ever taken away, would you talk to the devil? Would you sign your own name? I know 'cuz I been there and I know I'll never be the same.

Down the Same Damn Road

Same damn shit, different shovel. Another devil on my shoulder whispering to me nothing but sweet lies. I dust him off, sit beside myself and wonder what happened to me and my girl last night. I can't help but think I made a fool out of me and you. I just can't seem to recollect. I told her "I'll never touch the stuff again if you just stay", but she still packed up and left. (Chorus)She's leavin me. I can't believe the scene that I'm making as she's walking down that street. The same road that I used to know for such a long time such a long time ago. And when she kept on steppin full stride I could've died right there on the side of the road. She said "We're goin down the same damn road again when all I really needed was just a friend." And that's why she's packin up and never lookin back now.