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Another listener review

Exciting, another great review from a listener on iTunes. Thank you, you've made my Sunday.

Great First Release by vuk242 Sincere, emotional, dark with a strong 80's/early 90's electronic influence The Spaces In Between creates the back drop for introspection and lures you in the more and more you listen to the album. Although each song is an individual piece there is a strong continuity throughout the album that makes it very listenable. Although the influences are there this album is a step away from other dark electronic work. Great stuff and I can't wait to hear more from 8 Digital.


Hi guys!

If I haven't said it already Happy New Year. I hope 2010 proves to be a good one for all of you.

Okay, so this is the link to the "8 Digital" fan page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/8-Digital/7653644690?ref=ts feel free to join it if you like... though I will still be sending out messages from here. I just wanted to make you guys aware that in the name of fun I have made two older demos, "Scratched Away" and "Diggers", available for free download on Myspace and Reverbnation. If you have "Facebook My Band" - 8 Digital, you should be able to download these tracks. You can also get them from Myspace and Reverbnation directly, if you have an account.

Now working on some wicked new material, covers and visual media. Also, working on returning to the stage... and hoping to be there by mid to late summer.

Enjoy the downloads and remember to check out the 8 Digital e.p., "The Spaces In Between" on iTunes.

Free Downloads: http://www.reverbnation.com/8digital#tab=rich_text - Reverbnation http://www.myspace.com/8digital - Myspace

Additional links:

Last.fm listners can find us here; http://www.last.fm/music/8+Digital

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/8-digital/id346790913

Peace, Tweed8

Our first iTunes review

Exciting, our first review from a buyer on iTunes;

"As far as first releases go, you can't get much tighter than The Spaces In Between. Toronto act 8 Digital shows a surprising range on this EP, showcasing industrial dance-floor show stoppers as well as infectious, thoughtful work that will stay with you long past its taut running time. The title track in particular brings a real warmth to a style of music that's typically cold and clinical, and the dark, bittersweet "Caroline" will coax the bottom end of your stereo up into your gut. A fantastic record."

Thanks LastradeTGQ.

Happy Holidays. Tweed8

What's going on.

Hey y'all. "When did I become a cowboy?" I hope this post finds you all well. The ep "The Spaces In Between" will be available on ITunes and other digital distributors in the new year. While it would be great to see it on cd, it's just not feasible at this time. There will be cd-r's made, but these will be limited to DJ's, Radio Stations (indie and college) and possibly a small list of tv and independent moive producers. Already started writing new material and I hope to see more collaboration with the old team. This album in its entirety was created by myself with the exception of the the lyrics to "The Shame", which was the great handy work of guitarist Troy "DJ Shwarzgun" Hilton a.k.a. Relentless. The hope for 2010 will be to release another album. I am not sure if this will be a full album or another E.P., but at this point and time I am not worried about either... With the new material I also hope to return to the stage. I believe that there is enough versatility in the music to open doors at several different kind of venues. Start small, think big, vice versa. Anyways, I do have to run. I will "blog" again soon. In the mean time, check out Juliet Lewis' new album and "Them Crooked Vultures", the power house trio of Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme, John Paul Jones. Happy Holidays, wherever and whatever you may practice. Peace and Love, Tweed8.

quick update

The mastering of the EP is now complete. As a bonus, I have decided to add "The Shame" as an additional song. It will however remain a free download at reverbnation and other sites. Just a few more days. As an aside, I saw "Living Colour" this Saturday pass. The show was amazing. So if they are coming to your neck of the woods, I would recommended -highly- that you go and see... witness the force that is "Living Colour"! Regards, T8

Catharsis and more...

Folks have been responding to the new single in a very positive and tremendous way. I thank you for the responses... catharsis can be a beautiful thing. I saw my father and him several songs, one if which was from the new ep. Upon hearing it he said. "My god that was so dark, it pulled me so far down!" I responded. "Shit happens, Dad. And sometimes that's the way it goes..." I then waited a few minutes and he said. " I feel really good about your music." And then I told him. "You can't have the dark without the light." He laughed and we then went to the next room and watched the new Star Trek movie.

For me music is a release of tension... and sometimes even positive energy can cause tension. In those moments I dive right in. I don't want to be concerned with the technical issues of feeling. I can save those for later. I strive for change in the form of evolution... look and listen to flaws for they are beautiful... once you have found them, fix them and you will find that there is another around the corner.

The ep is on it's way. I have to mix it myself, if I wish to share in the year, The final version of "Skin and Bone" will feature a some what better mix. I have chosen to include, "The Shame" on the album because I enjoy the song to much. This was a blog moment at random... back to playing 2K9 with my friends.


Listen to the flaws. It is the flaws we learn from.

New Single from the E.P.

In preparation for the release of the upcoming, five song E.P. I give you, "Skin and Bone" the latest single.

I hope you enjoy it. T8

New single... real soon.

New single off the the E.P. coming in just a few more days. Still deciding between two songs.


Bloggy blog blog...

While I had hoped to have the ep done by August that clearly hasn't happened. This month though should see on the offer. I am in the final mixing stages and cleaning up or re-recording certain vocal takes. I am looking forward to having it done.

I will have it up on "ITunes" and the like. I will also make it free for you to download each over a given amount of time. 1 song per week (or two...) until all are available for free. So, if you feel inclined to purchase and support, I will of course smile and put the money back into the next body of work. Which will be starting shortly. My keyboardist is itching to get going again, as I have been completing the ep on my own.

More soon...


A quick message home.

Well, it has been some time since I last posted, so I thought I would drop a quick note.

Work continues on the E.P. and things are going well. Most of the tracks have been selected, 5 of 6, and I am tempted to add 2 more to create that magical number, but we'll see. The music is sounding excellent and I am pleased. I have some other ideas as well for the music, but I will reserve that info. for its completion. I don't know if I will be posting anymore tracks until the completion of the E.P. Although I said I would, I have decided that the song in questions should arrive with the rest of its brothers and sisters, but time will tell.

I have contacted "Cindergarden", and will be doing a remix (or two) for her at some point.

Be back later with more. Tweed