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The Something Good EP

Yep. The Class Acts are writing a blog. We already hate ourselves. No, but in all honesty, what we're trying to do here is tell all of you guys what our next steps/plans are concerning our EP that we plan on releasing before the end of this Summer. So here's the deal - Our EP is going to be called "The Something Good EP" which is named after our song "Something Good" (if you haven't heard it, check it out! It's probably our favorite song to play as a band). And as you know we've been going in and out of the recording studio releasing new songs every few weeks. We plan on including all of the songs on our ReverbNation, plus one other, on this EP. So 7 original songs! The track list will include (but not in this order): Something Good Windy Evening What To Do (Punk Song) Little Girl Bad Lines I Know Another cool thing about this EP is that all of these songs will be completely mastered. So the versions of the songs you hear on our ReverbNation now are going to be different once we get done in the studio. They'll sound way more fresh, alike, polished, and professional (and classy). We have 2 more dates scheduled in the recording studio in July. Those days will be spent fixing a few mistakes and then mastering the tracks. Once these dates are done, we will hopefully have our first finished EP! Once it's finished, we'll make dozens of hard copies to sell to anybody who wants one! ALSO once our EP is finished and we put the finished product on ReverbNation/Facebook, our material will no longer be free to download. We're not sure exactly how much each track or album will be, but it will definitely still be affordable, so no worries! But this also means that if you want to download all of our material on ReverbNation NOW, then please go ahead (: That's all we have to share with you guys so far! Stay tuned though as we release more information like album art and songs with you throughout the Summer. And lastly, THANK YOU ALL for being such great fans and supporting us so far. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.