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"Enharmonic Dissonance"

Track from my ep "Enharmonic Dissonance" out June 30th 2015 featuring Jimmy Pitts on keys, Rick Pierce on vocals, Mike Geren and Michael K Smith on bass and Bill Cropek on percussion. https://youtu.be/f-jJG_E4niw If you would like to pre-order a copy here is a paypal link. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=MFGX3YGELX9PC

New Interview!

New interview about my recording techniques and gear. http://contrastcontrol.net/lessons-learned-mark-claytor/

New Interview!

My thanks to Scott Thomas for this great interview. It was a lot of fun and was challenging. Hope you enjoy. http://www.guitarz-for-ever.com/Guitarist-Mark-Claytor-Interview.html

Page 38! A great review of my album "Uprising" Available Now!


"Uprising" Cd reviews.....

What people are saying about about my latest cd "Uprising"....... Tim: "Damn I could stop the CD here and I t would a great album,,,Damn great work my friend" Stuffer: "Thanx for the cd Mark!!! It RAWKS!!!! ... Get your copy NOW at www.mcsologuitar.net ... Ya won't be sorry!!!" Clint: " Please check out my Elk County Brothers original tunes... It's great music! The cd will take you on a nice journey! Mark Claytor has fashioned a nice set of material that deserves a good listen... you will not be disappointed!" Scott: "I'm loving the "Uprising" CD! Mark just flat out rocks. Every song, upbeat and jamming, taking a short journey w/Mark's wonderful solos. I will admit I'm only on "Black Magic Blues" the 7th song of this 13 song CD, but I just couldn't wait. If ya like instrumental rock, along the Satriani/Vai vein, then pick up Mark's two CDs, "Mark Claytor" and "Uprising". so there! :)" Anyone else?

Cover Story

Check out "I am entertainment" magazine for my cover story! http://www.iaemagazine.com/digitalmagazine.html

I Am Entertainment Magazine review

Mark Claytor has rock and roll pumping from his heart into his guitar. His music is a clear example of what great rock music is all about because he doesn't need a vocalist to make his compositions sound great. "Spider Bit" is a perfect example of why I said Mark doesn't need a vocalist to sound good. Many instrumentalists will bore you to tears, but on this track Mark's guitar strings are thrashing all over the place, gaining the one man band a certain level of respect from me because he kept my attention throughout the entire track. In addition to Spider Bit, Mark offers up more great rock instrumentals, including: Memories Gone, Ice Flow, Pearlescent Dots, F5. Each of these tracks are oozing with great rock guitars and overall production. Overall, Mark's compilation of rock and roll instrumentals is some of the best guitar driven music I've heard in recent months and explains his #1 ranking on Reverbnation for his locale. You should check this guy out, I'm sure you'll agree if you're a rock fan. http://www.iaemagazine.com/music/2011/122011/mark-claytor.html