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Today I FEEL……

Today I feel.....

…nothing! Today I feel nothing. My perspective is off….way off. I don’t have a grasp on who I am or why Im here. Now when I lose feeling my instant ”go to” emotion is frustration even anger. So I find myself today praying for a feeling other than frustration and anger.

Wait – Im praying so that must mean I still “believe”? Even though I cant “feel” His presence or direction in my heart? I believe cause I feel? No – I believe because I know. Or at least I remember that I know.

What do I know? He (GOD) is real. All I have to do is see the amazing miracles in my life to know that. Now Im not going to get into my thoughts on “spiritual warfare” and all that weirdo Christian stuff. That might just turn you off. I’ll put it much more simply: I don’t see or smell a cheeseburger right now (#1 cause Im in my bathroom watching my daughter take a bath and water the floor) but I know that cheeseburgers are real. I shouldn’t doubt that the world is still making burgers cause I don’t have one now. And…someday I will eat a cheeseburger again. I could go on and on about the things I can’t see and feel in this bathroom right now. From Lobster bisque to Harley Davidson motorcycles, none of those things are available here but does that mean they don’t exist? No – they and He does exist.

So…If He does exist and is real in my life then logic says that my purpose (through Him) is still very real and solid even though I can’t “feel” it.

So what do I do on this day that my ship is being tossed to and fro? I trust that my rope to shore is still strong even though much slack has appeared. Maybe circumstances, worldly clamors, lack of sleep and money or maybe even the devil himself wants me to believe that Im out here on my own. But I KNOW that isn’t true.

Oh and by the way. God has a great sense of humor and doesn't mind that I used lobster, burgers and motorcycles in reference to Him in getting my point across: )

Its a weird but cool life

Im about to start filming my latest movie. It’s a great story called THE INVESTIGATOR and its based on a true story. I will post updates from the set when I get the chance. Stay tuned to this channel. May God bless your day.


Attention: Turned off from Christ cause Christians are weird?

Are you turned off from Christ cause Christians are weird?

Yeah I totally understand. It was "Christians" that kept me away from true Christianity. Well here is the weird factor....The Devil designs it that way.

I know, I know that sounds kooky too but, whet I mean to say is think about how fast all Christians (including me) get lumped into wacko because some real wacko is spreading fear and flat out lies. Maybe he truly believes that he has been told some secret. Maye if I drink enough Thera Flu I can fly. Both are most likely incorrect.

If you are reading this then you or all of your Jesus freak friends were not magically transported to Oz. Which means Christianity has taken another worldly hit from someone who is well....a bit off.

My friends who are not of the Christian faith, I have to tell you we are not all kooks. To lump Jesus followers and believers in with the doom sayers and money snatchers is like saying all white guys are just like Jeffery Dahmer, it just isnt so (as far as I know).

Christianity is getting a bad rap because the dark side (Vader not withstanding) wants you to turn from the perfect love and understanding that I have only experienced when believing in Him that walked on water and raised folks from the dead.

Give him a chance. Not because some kook says you are going to hell without him but because He, Jesus is truly the man to follow.

God bless you...