Yet another fine JaySick production @ THE BLUE ROOM last night to finish off the last leg of the 2011 tour. Its been 3 years since we were physically removed from the venue so it was great to be back by invitation. A proper job by Jay, Jeff on the boards and Dawn at the bar. A tremendous effort by the bands on the bill, especially Ascending From Ashes and Dichotomy. THANK YOU so much to everyone that dropped the dose, and took the trip. The boys look foward to bringing it back to THE BLUE ROOM on the 2012 tour, kicking off in February.

a special dedication...

we want to take a minute to thank everyone who put up with us and helped kick 2011 into gear. the last 6 months have been a blur, but its fantastic to be back in the thick of it all... to al for letting us stink up his place, trash his equipment & helping us dropdown and mixup the cheapest, cleanest, and most listenable demo since we recorded to 2 track tape; the boys at smokestax for being hospitable enough to not give us shit for drinking in their rooms against policy. we stopped spitting on the walls if it makes you feel better. very nice job boys; SickJay for setting us up and taking care of us in Clifton. very much appreciated, sir; benny at daa for bringin us down the club 35 in slayerville. the place smelled like shit, but we've never seen such husky strippers - ever. i guess the bigger they are, the harder they shake. who knew a lap dance could cost you your life?; to maria, miss e, tom & adrian for all the help with the promo - so so so much appreciated; the hippies at the roadhouse for the open invitation. we're workin on some greatful dead covers for you; the bartender at the UC who managed to black out a bunch of professionals; to all our friends and family that made it out to support the cardiopulmonary resuscitation tour 2011 - especially the mofn lucky pierres THANK YOU; and of course a very special thanks for our families for dealing with our ahole schedules and still supporting. O! p.s. f brian xoxo

New VIDS added from DINGBATZ

thank you very much!! to DINGBATZ, Jay Sick Prods, Sarge, Donna, and Joanne for an awesome lineup and set last night...Huge thanks to our new friends LONG GONE DAY, BLACKOUT STEREO, & LADIES ROOM for havin us come up last minute and start the night off...THANKS to the heads that made it out to see us jam some of the new tunes...thankyou to our friends in Konia for makin it down to support, lookn forward to gettin somethin together soon...we've also added 2 unreleased songs on vid (Secede) Surrender & Destructions Design from the show last night...the boys will be headn back to DINGBATZ on May 21 which will be an ALL AGES SHOW for the Never Back Down Tour including the following lineup: It Prevails Life on Repeat We are Defiance Affiance Stand Your Groun stay tuned... the cap'n

hotspottin NJ & NY

the boys hooked up with Jay Sick Productions for a last minute slot @ DINGBATZ in Clifton this FRI Apr 8th with a few local bands -- come out and support your locals!!! also, very excited to guest spot for a Hazy Shade Production presentation next WED Apr 13th at the infamous TAVERN ON THE ROCKS in Rockaway NJ for an intimate ACOUSTIC set of covers and originals...check out our favorite classic rock and metal songs rocked out acoustic. There will be Misfits. There will be Tool. lastly, we'd like to apologize to our NYC fans for this Saturday's CANCELLATION @ the UC Lounge on Ludlow...the show has been rescheduled to next SAT APRIL 16 and should prove to be an outstanding evening with an awesome lineup including Lounge Act(Nirvana tribute.) Hopefully, no one will lose their head over the setlist. more to come... The Cap'n

new tunes, new band...same old insanity

Check out the newest version of THE PLOT THICKENS...here on reverbnation.com and on facebook.com/theplotthickens ! In FEB 2011 we put together a quick demo "THE VALENTINE MASSACRE" with our brother Al at the faders and would like you to have the opportunity to rock it before you hear the tunes at upcoming shows. We would like to WELCOME BACK Billy "BigTime" Heffner to the throne. Billy has played with previous versions of UTTER with the boys and has brought his monsterous chops with him. We'd also like to welcome to the fold Justin Manson -- guitarist / writer / mad-scientist / undertaker who has single-handedly (he actually uses both hands to play) revived THE PLOT THICKENS...and brought a delicious new flavor to the mix. We're already putting together shows for 2011's calandar and look forward to rockin the socks off of everyone involved sooner rather than later.