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Wow. A blog. Innovative.

So if you want to hear all of our narcissistic self adulation, just let us know. We'll take time out from practicing our bad ass melange of shake-your-booty funk-jam jazz-hop folk-pop, and write about all the things in life that are really important. Like dandelion seed parachutes and puppies just learning about cats.

So if i ever think of anything insightful to wax eloquent about, you can be sure that i'm gonna rush to reverbnation.com to get the word out.

But seriously, stay in touch. We want to interact with you. All of you are extended members of the band. The musical experience is so much greater than just the people holding the instruments. It's the sound guy, and the lighting guy, and the guy who awkwardly hangs out in your garage while you rehearse, but most importantly, it's the fans that complete the band. It's a symbiotic relationship. The more the crowd feels it, the more we feel it, and when the sea of people is tossing back and forth, we ride the upwelling groove-tide to lyrical orgasm.

So thank you to all of our fans. Last night was nice. I'll call you. Really.