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Silent Ghosts of Ancient Sleep

After months of mixing, our new 'promo single' is now available to stream on ReverbNation and Youtube!!!

This song features very powerful lyrics and a strong instrumental section, boasting our trademark sound and adding new flare.


Upcoming shows and new music!

Hey everyone!

Exciting news. We should have a new single available for streaming in the next few weeks. This song was recorded as a b-side to the Desolation album originally, but will now find a home on our 5 song E.P, which should be out sometime before the album drops. The song is called Silent Ghosts of Ancient Sleep. Keep checking back for more updates on that!

Also, we have three shows confirmed and coming up shortly.

Sunday Oct 20th- Etobicoke (rockpile) Saturday Nov 2nd- Toronto (velvet) Sunday Nov 10th- Brampton (allstars)

Thats all the news for now, message us anytime!

1st Real blog Pt. 2!

So I thought I would continue and hopefully finish this story of the album "Creation" that I've started. Pretty much for the people who have been waiting to hear the final product for the past 2 years and for the new fans who just don't really know what we've been doing as a band for the last couple of years.

So the learning and tracking of the tracks were underway and we loved the feeling and power that Vince's guitar playing brought to our sound at the time. It was more darker, more technical and had a lot of awesome bends :D

So in the summer of 2010 our friend Kyle Koloszar set up a tour that was pretty much a week and a half long of shows everyday around the GTA. This put a dent in our recording as well. Seeing as how we were gonna be playing shows every night we needed to jam the songs and get prepared for the tour...

So the tour went great and we met a lot of awesome people and go to share the stage with a bunch of good people and artists.

By the end of the year we were done all of the tracking and we were into mixing. Our really good friend Michael Briguglio accepted the challenge of being the mixing engineer for the album. Boy did he work his magic, no one else could have done a better mixing job then him.

The mixing process took a while and this wasn't Mike's fault at all. If anything it was ours haha. The sessions we gave him to work with were a mess and trying to put them together was a task all in its self. So we had countless sessions of us going to Toronto and choosing which regions were guitar...vocals...keyboards...shaker...DEATH!

That brings us to about now. We really want to promise everyone that the album will be completely done and in stores by the end of the summer but personally were not sure how long the mastering and manufacturing will take. But we wont leave anyone bored! We'll keep posting different audio or visual bits to keep everyone in tune.

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Till next time.


1st Real blog!

Well here it is...it was inevitable.

A Blog.

I think the only reason we never really started a blog was because we wouldn't think people would really care what we have to say...but after reading some other popular blogs around the internet, I discovered you can actually talk about almost anything and people just might read.

So people who aren't up to date with who we are and what were doing, were The Fiction In Folklore a four piece progressive rock/metal band from Brampton/Acton Ontario.

Were currently working on getting our first full-length album entitled "Creaiton" to stores ASAP...seeing as how it's been in the works since October 1st 2009.

But it is getting close! All 10 of the tracks are mixed and were just waiting to get it mastered!

There are a couple of reasons why we haven't gotten it done in almost 2 year, and it's not just because were complete slackers haha.

When we began recording the album we began with tracking drums and it went really smooth! Actually tracked them all in one night! So we thought all was good when our guitarist at the time Doug "el dopo" Perry decided the band wasn't for him and wanted to split. This left us with 10 solid drum tracks and no guitarist!

Now we weren't angry at Doug at all and actually we are all still good friends with him but we needed to find someone...this didn't happen till about January 2010 when Vince Schaljo a former colleague of mine came over to jam and decided he wanted to join FIFO.

That's when things started to get rolling. Of course Vince had to learn all of the songs then get him all the way from Acton to Brampton each time to record them. This wasn't the easiest especially when jobs and other life stuff got in the way...

Anyways I'll continue this story later or tomorrow...life is getting in the way haha.

Oh one more thing to who ever is reading this... check out our friend Aarons studio blog. We tracked the drum tracks at his place and his new studio is lookin mint. www.herballanestudios.com