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Waxy O'Connor's Foxborough

Wow-what an absolutely tremendous night we had at Waxy O'Connor's in Foxborough!! We had a great turnout everybody was dancing and singing right from the get-go and the energy was through the roof. We can't thank you enough for coming out and helping us make this such a great night you all came through for us in a big and We know that everyone at Waxy O'Connor's was very happy with the turn out as well. We can't begin to thank you enough and we will be back on November 14.

Fighting Cabin Fever

Last Saturday at Mr. Dooleys in Wrentham was exceptionally fun - great crowd of friends and fans braved the snow to come out and pack the place. Lots of dancers (which we love) gave the nod to a number of new songs in the repertoire. Don't forget to mark your calendars for JITS in Randolf March 14th to kick off an early St. Paddy's Day!

Saturday at Chickie Flynns

The band is really looking forward to playing this Saturday at Chickies. It's been a few months and we just continuously come up with fun new songs - I shot the Sheriff (Reggae is just so cool to play and dance to), Heard it through the Grapevine (adding pure soul), Save a Horse (ride a cowboy) (can I get a big Yeeeehaa), Born to be Wild (Just because it exists), Wagon Wheel (great story about how Dylan started the song and never wrote any verses - it sat around until some smart person picked it up and made a huge hit), Cover Me (powerful tune by The Boss). Anyway - should be fun!

Wow! What A week!

Three gigs in 7 days! It was awesome. Opening up at Chickie Flynn's was specially great 'cause everyone there is so nice to musicians - it's just a great all-around place to play. Tavern 33 was great too with friends in the audience and a nice tavern with a good dance floor and stage. But Fusion on Thursday really capped it off.. dynamite club with amazing sound, dance floor and they let us take a recordingoff the board. So enjoy the tunes and come see us at our next live performance -

First Gig!

Hi all - we've been all working hard over the holidays to put together three sets for our inaugural gig at the Hyde Park Harley Riders Party - Looks like it's going to be VERY well-attended and fun - come join us on jan 5 at the Amercian Legion in Dedham and see what we got!