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Written by Page Owner -Melanie

I have decided to republish the "ORIGINAL VOLUME DEALER PAGE seems how the new Official" Volume Dealer fb page is trying to re-write history and are trying to forget the kick ass band they once were by posting pics and cutting out the member who is no longer a part of VD! Therefore I find it important to republish this page to remind everyone that PD is the bass player you hear on the CD's. I have checked out the new VD page and am wondering why wouldn't a band allow fans to post pics to their page instead of fans having to submit photos to the page for their "approval". And why delete people's comments especially a comment that wasn't even derogatory. I understand that things didn't end on the best terms but in my opinion it is rather petty to review any and all comments or pictures to ensure that a former member who contributed artistically as the others did to the music is not seen or mentioned. In my opinion you can think or feel any way you want about an individual but don't disrespect the person''s craft, talent, and artistry by acting as though he was never a part of the music created or the live shows.

Volume Dealer New Music

Volume Dealer is a DFW local band who just released their second CD.