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Big month for us!

Function For Fiction is going to be playing a costume-themed Halloween party on October 25th, another ZBT party at Rutgers University, and hopefully a radio interview/performance in mid-November. Stay tuned for more Music, Videos, and Event Info! Thanks for Listening

Hey Moon Music Video

Function Just finished editing our new music video which is to be released this weekend! Hey Moon will be the single off our new Album which is just near completion. Stay tuned for info regarding our summer tour and new events. We'll be doing two live performances on Rutgers Radio in May. Starting today our first album is being played on the airwaves so listen up to the next big band coming out of NJ!

Poollight's out

Just waiting for the power to come back on here in Jersey. We are looking to book a few shows for November. Maybe one in Brooklyn, Lower East Side Manhattan or even here in the local arena. Any ideas? Hit us up if anyone knows of a good place they'd like to see Function play at. Thank you all for your support and please stay tuned for our next studio releases which are coming soon.

Check Out our live Version of Better than Mine