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Unsane Asylum Records

Got a recording session comin up Sunday Oct 9th with Joel from 40Hells.. it will be released under our new label we were signed to,Unsane Asylum Punk Rock Records. Based in Chattanooga Tn.. WE were signed to the label on 9/11/11.. Look for our first professional EP due out November 2011 entitled "Lonely Road",followed by a short east coast tour in late November.Check our schedule and see when we come your way in 2011/'12!! And as always,THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!

Shows and stuff.

wow! for the first time since December of last year,we have 0(zero)shows booked.. we have been havin a blast everywhere we go though.. aside from the occasional dickhead here and there,but thats common these days .. we would like to thank our fans old and new for their support and positive feedback.. hopefully in the next few weeks we can start bookin shows again and hit the road one more time to add another chapter to Nosecone Prophets' "sleep in your own bed tour".. and remember,we don't always drink beer,but when we do WE DRINK A SHITLOAD OF IT!!

Shows and studios

well,right now we are makun plans to go into a studio and lay down material we have been workin on since the addition of a new bass player,Bradley Crow.after playin shows all over Tennessee ,Alabama and Georgia, we are still running wide open and playin anywhere and everywhere we can... the studio is neccesary but we get our kicks playin live and rockin faces!! have a good day and keep rockin!! J.B