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The Cliff Reed Farewell Show

As many of you know, longtime Bells and Hunters bassist Cliff Reed will be returning to his beloved state of New Mexico in February. While we are happy and excited for him, we are dealing with this sad news the only way we know how - having a huge party, inviting friends old and new to come out and play with us, and celebrate the music we have created with Cliff over the 2 and half years he has been with the band.

We really hope you can join us for this very special evening.

NOTE: We are performing earlier than usual for this show!! Our set time is 9 PM and I expect our set to be finished by 10 so we can enjoy the rest of the night with all of you!

Helpful links: www.bellsandhunters.com www.axumdc.com

Also performing!!

The Incorrigibiles - http://www.facebook.com/theincorrigiblesmusic Tillions Burma Jones - http://www.facebook.com/BurmaJones

Early acoustic showcase at 8pm! Matt Tarka Harris Face - http://www.facebook.com/harrisface


Take all the Silver Linings

BIG show tongiht people.

The Farewell Fletch All-Star Jam.

Before there was Bells and Hunters. Before there was peanutsinapile. There was me and Nate Fletcher. We would get together after work, me on drums, Fletch on guitar, and play the same tunes over and over. Usually "Galaxie" by Blind Melon or "STP" by Sublime. We joked that we were probably the best two man, no vocal, Blind Melon cover band in DC. I'd like to see two dudes rock out those songs harder than we did.

Seven years have passed since then. We graduated from the old basement to a better basement. There were two completely different bands, lots of rotating members. We eventually made it into a studio, recorded a real album, played bigger shows at better places.

Nate and I have been the one constant through it all. It will def be strange after he is gone. For one, I don't know any other harmonica players. Also because no matter what I could count on Nate to give it to me straight. If we sound like shit, he is not afraid to say so. Conversely, when he thinks something sounds good, I can be certain it does. Our styles, influences are different, but we managed to mesh them together to create a sound that was....well....ours.

Tonight, we're really excited to share the music of these past seven years with you. We can't thank Bri Cobuzzi enough for coming down from NY for this event. The three of us rehearsed as peanutsinapile for the first time in 4 years last night. There were plenty of smiles to go around and each of us are genuinely happy to be performing these old but not forgetten songs one more time. We might even have a suprise or two lined up...

But while tonight's show marks the end of an era, in many ways it is also the start of a new one. Besides myself and Kelly, the Bells and Hunters lineup that takes the stage tonight will be completely different than the one that performed at Level X just two months ago. Longtime BnH bassist Cliff Reed returns for his first show with us since August, but we'll also feature two brand new members - the dynamic duo of Iggy Ivanov on lead guitar and Terry Willis on drums. At first, prepping the Bells set for tonight felt like trying to fit an old pair of shoes on the wrong foot, but that changed thanks to the talent, interest, and dedication of each of these guys over the past month leaving me equally as excited for tonight's show as I am for the future of the band.

We are ready to rock! Come with your dancing shoes. Come with your sing along voices. Come with your kazoos!

The Farewell Fletch All-Star Jam (ONE TIME ONLY) is set to begin!

See you there.


Studio weekends are fun weekends

hello hunters. we are really excited to be bringing the band back into the studio after having the offer/opportunity to record with our new friend Chris Todd Goodin. Over the next few weeks we're going to track two songs - "Mercury" and "Weddings and Funerals". There is a k&k only demo version of Mercury floating around. This version will be bigger. And have trumpet. Trumpet? yes been working out some things with another new friend - Jay Wagner. Otherwise known as Jay the Trumpet Player. Say hi J.

i will try to post some live action on the scene footage of the sessions. My new digital video camera is waterproof at depths of 10 feet. I know that has no relevance to anything, I just like mentioning it.

Weddings and Funerals is kells bells fav BnH song. We will do it proud like a rockstar vatican assassin. #WINNING

goodnight reverb nation