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John Mayer

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Please go to link below and vote for us to play with john mayer. you can vote once per day


The Annie Minogue Band Is:

Annie Minogue - Vocals Nick Saya- Drums Nunzio Signore - Gtr Peter Williamson- Bass

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There are 2 contests we need your support on.

one is that we are nominated for album of the year on Kweevak please go to link and vote for Annie Minogue Tripping The Velvet Thanks So Much for your support.. here is link


the other is Indie Assault just click on link and then on the button in center here is link http://widgets.clearspring.com/o/48d87a0f0fbf5433/48ecff6e829350f9/48db2311097951f3/be541ffb/-cpid/f00d7d12746b6387

we are in 39th place please judge for us

Please Judge for us in singer/songwriter category on ourstagedotcom From Annie Minogue Band Hi we are in 39th place so far this month in the singer/songwriter category on ourstage.com with our song Love Goes Down(part deux) please vote for us and help us win this month. THANKS AMB


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please go to link and give us a 10! on 101.9 wrxp in NYC

hi everyone. Annie Minogue Band is in the top 4 NYC/Manhattan Bands please go to link and give us a 10!

thanks A


please Vote For Us

Hi Everybody:

Great news! Chock Full O'Nuts is looking for a new singer for their classic jingle and I made it into the top 10 finalists for this week that are being considered. In order to move into the next round though I will need your votes! Voting for this weeks finalists will run from March 11-March 17. You can vote for me once a day for the whole week so please send this to everyone you know and tell them to vote! The link is below and I am the first one on the page. It will tell you how to register in order to vote.


Thanks for your votes and all the support!!!!

Annie Minogue