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Thanks Again

I know some of you are getting multiple messages from me, sorry, but trying to put this network together is tough for an old guitar player. The purpose is to establish an avenue to release the new solo record, the Louisiana HooDoo Krewe Record, and 5 Axe records that have never been released in America. Truth is that we have been getting ripped off, badly for years, tens of thousands of records have been sold, without any royalties being paid by anyone. In some cases, it's a "legal" ripoff, but not very moral, in others, its just plain theft. The only way to combat this is to release them myself. So please try to spread the word, get folks to join up as a fan on Reverbnation, then I will stop pestering you. This situation has robbed a bunch of great musicians of any money due them, and you can help put a stop to it. peace bobby