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Here we are

Things are starting to shift for us as we further our journey into the year 2011. We've since parted ways with our drummer, Mike, and have been joined by Leo from Black Ribbon Sky to keep on keeping on! As you have seen, we have a very busy April in the works and we are in the process of having just as busy a month in May!

A few things that are getting ready to happen: We are getting control of the internet with Facebook, Myspace & Reverb Nation! You will start seeing more updates from us on all of these sites. We are in the process of getting some live video footage of an upcoming show, which will then be uploaded onto our sites for all of your viewing pleasure! We are in the beginning workings of getting some merchandise to sell at shows and on our sites!! A few fine details are being worked out between the members to get everything finalized on this front. Hopefully in the next month we will have an array of products available for purchase!

Shows Shows Shows! We are honored to be able to play with so many fantastic bands!! We have some big ones coming up in April... here's the scoop: April 1st - Aftershock (5240 Merriam Dr, Merriam, KS) - We are in the lineup to play with Mindtrick and The Knobs. This show is being used as a CD release for our friends in Mindtrick... come support them and The Knobs who are an out of town act coming into our great city for the night! Let's show them a good time!

April 16th - Aftershock (5240 Merriam Dr, Merriam, KS) - BIG ONE!!! We are opening for 2 fantastic bands... ADD (who are in the process of contracting with a label) and Isaac James. You may not recognize those bands right off the top of your head... The drummer in Isaac James was the original drummer that recorded the debut album with Stone Sour!! We just happen to cover one of his songs... "Orchids"... I sure hope he likes how we play it! We need EVERYONE out to this show to support us and our new friends! Help us get noticed... help them get noticed... this is a huge opportunity for us to play with some big acts, we will need some people there to calm us down!

April 22nd - Double T's bar - KC, KS - we are playing with great friends in RHONIS. This is going to be a fun show! We are sure to get to play our full lineup of songs... so if you haven't heard our full show, this is one to make it to!

That's it for the initial debut post... be sure to sign up for our mailing list and we will inform you of everything Seventh Day!!!

Learn It, Live It, Love It,