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Big things from Big D.

Exciting news coming soon.


Only a few tickets left. Hit us up for tickets to the show this Saturday at oddbodys in Dayton ohio. We thank of course Dave kavorkian and oddbodys for having us jam this killer show.


June 11th we are in a battle for summer slaughter at Oddbodys.Its a big freakin deal to us and hope to be successful this year.. We are very thankful to all the people who have supported us.. We still have tickets available so hit us up on facebook or call BIG D at 937-270-0432.. Again thanks for all of your support.

Summer Slaughter!!!

Hit us up on facebook for tix for the battle for summer slaughter! We have the privilege to jam with some of the best talent around... Or just sit on your ass and do nothing and waste away time on the damn couch... Sounds like a challenge then ... Get up and come see some great music at Oddbodys June 11th..

The Road IV

7 Levels has your tickets for the BIGGEST LOCAL SHOWCASE OF THE YEAR!!! The Road IV!!! Thank you for all of the love and support. This show is going to be nutts! Come down to the Madfrog and support your favorite unsigned band as they begin their journey on The Road! 7L9v9ls, Forces of Nature, Left in the Dark, Omeni, Letters To The Blind, Black Cloud Syndrome, Imjohnwayne, CARRION VAEL, and The Sternewirth Privilege. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!! Get your tickets now call Big D @ 937 270 0432 or contact us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/1680651018850186/

Kavorkian Kicks Ass!

I don't care about anybodys negative comments or remarks. Dave has never crossed us... Plain and fucking simple... Meaning that 7levels is thankful for his uncanny work ethic. All to bring killer shows to cincy and Dayton areas. And that he is very straight forward and transparent. To be able to get on stage rather its first or third , who fuckin cares, to get on stage to jam in front of a good crowd opening for a national act coming thru is killer... Any band who thinks im wrong is lying to themselves.. So like I said I don't care about negative shit but just wanted to say thanks to Dave kavorkian for putting on another killer show in Dayton at Oddbodys. Big D

Thank you to all our fans

We are humbled by all the fans we have here on Reverbnation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate all of you. Don't forget to like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/7Levels.music

Dark soul

Yo its BigD here and I just wanted to drop a line about my dudes in DarkSoul... I am stoked on jamming with these guys, its like weve been jamming for a while... We jammed a benefit with FORCES OF FREAKIN NATURE and it was killer. We gelled real good and pulled it off after 1 practice. I have more shows with them and theyre going to rock!!! Thanks bigD


I cant believe that they protest about a thug getting shot by police and a officer gets gunned down in Texas and its the 3rd story on the news... When idiots are in trouble or being threatened or being robbed who do they call..... 911 duh!!! The police come and protect your ass!!! But when u don't think you have to listen to authority you will be shot especially when you have a stolen gun... DUH!!!! when cops say drop it and get down you better drop it and get the fuck down Dumbasses!!! This world is going down the drains... But all lives matter... Not just Black lives or Cop lives... ALL LIVES!!!! If people worried about work and providing for their families as much as they worry about how they can break the law this country might be a great place again.... So I pray that people wake up and realize life is short and don't waste time!!! Thanks Big D

Stand your ground!

Big D here ... I am getting ready to goto church and was thinking about a conversation I had earlier this week with a great friend. and he was torn between 2 decisions . I as well as all of us has been in a spot like that and it sucks. Its never easy to make the right choice , because someone always gets pissed off. But when it comes to music and you are in a working band the choice should always be for bettering the band. Unless you aren't trying to do anything but jam and that's it. But if you are as most musicians dream of a career in music you have to stand your ground no matter who doesn't like it. If you keep the ship moving forward you will start to get momentum and you keep your dreams alive in your mind and soul things might just start happening. Maybe not... But when your lying on your death bed and are thinking back about your life at least you stood your ground. I feel that life is short so don't waste time and give your all!!!!! Thanks.... BIG D