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7L9v9ls / Blog

People kill Me !!!

Yo... big D here just sayin that people kill me we had a comment from a dudes wife who got pissy over a comment I posted on Saint Christophers page... It was about their old drummer... I had said a couple things that might of been harsh about the old drummer. And it was out of excitement for Chris and the new guy ... but when his wife comments back it kills me when shit like that happens... My wife don't wipe my ass!... but that's me... don't know how other people do it but id be makin my own comments NOT MY WIFE!!!!! Big D

Febuary metal...

Just wanted to say we are jamming back to back gigs in febuary. We are sellin tickets for 12 for the road to summer slaughter or allstar tours. Then we are back at the old crow in Middletown jamming with Saint Christopher. Whats really cool is we are doing both shows with the awesome dark soul. A 2 day tour , two different states, one in ky and one in ohio. LOL!!!! im looking forward to that weekend! Big D

The road to summer slaughter!

I just want to tell everyone that we are in the battle for summer slaughter tour. To open some regional dates... We have to get thru 2 rounds of battles to get there. First we are playing at the Backstage café in Covington KY Feb.27th, we have tickets for sale they are 12 bucks each if you want one hit us up on facebook we have 11 left. Then if we make it thru the first round we then move on to the may show, it is at the Madison theater in Covington KY. If we get picked from that show we get to open some regional shows for summer slaughter. So come out hit us up, grab a ticket and show your support for local metal! Thanks to all that supports local metal and kick its ass!!! Big D

I'm Back

Hello everyone. I'm back. Thanks to my awesome teem mates in 7L9V9ls (Dragon & Big D) I'm off my sabbatical early. I no longer believe Garth Brooks is my dad, and no longer want to start a country band because of it. We got my pluming taken care of. Got water pressure and its not black anymore along with other repairs. And no longer driving on expired tags and some other repairs to the band van. I'm glad to be back and jamming. Hope to see all of you at the upcoming shows. Cie ( C ) Williams

We are back!!!

Its great to say we are back at it! We are working on a new refreshed set list and are hitting a show January 31st at Club Panama in Springfeild.. Then another with our dudes Saint Christopher and Dark Soul!!! In febuary on the 28th at the Old Crow bar in Middletown. Im totally freakin stoked to be jamming again live on stage. its an amazing outlet for me . So get off your asses and support your local metal!!!!

Real Sorry

I regret it inform everyone that 7L9V9ls will be down for a while. I am having some personal issues that I have to attend to, and cannot participate in band things right now. I hope to have things worked out soon so I can get back to rocking. Sorry to everyone. Cie ( C ) Williams

To our fans over seas!

Just wanted to say thanks for the support... We are glad that our songs mean that much to you guys... Malte and Bengt-ake you guys are the reason that so many get into music... Its like when a song hits you with a force you cant explain , goose bumps appear and you fall right into the music and forget all the bad around you and for the next 4 minutes your in a whole different world. That is why I do what I do... its not the money LOL!!! (what money lol) its the passion and love for music and the escape it offers!!! Thanks guys for all the good vibes!! BIG D (drummer for 7l9v9ls)

Malte and Bengt-Åke
Malte and Bengt-Åke  (3 months ago)

We just love it!
Bengt-Ake and Malte.

Malte and Bengt-Åke
Malte and Bengt-Åke  (3 months ago)

We just love it! You deserve to know it!!
Bengt-Ake and Malte.

Kick Ass!

All I want to say is KICK ASS!!!! I am very pleased that even though I don't facebook, that a blog on reverbnation got thru to facebook and people are supportive. I don't know who the people are that actually said these comments (which is a good thing)... All I know is that its KICK ASS that people agree. Thanks for the support y'all !!! BIG D


Yo Big D here and it came to my attention recently that Im chasing a high school dream, and that I need to grow up....God gave me a gift of musicianship, and I like all the other people in the world have dreams. Im a firm believer in following your dreams and to never give up. But some people HATE on others when they have lost sight of their dreams and stuck in a rut or just unhappy with their path or life they made for themselves. Its ok if you don't agree with me playing music in a band. But I am having a great time with great people, and I will never stop... I will wheelchair up to the drums and kill it every time!!!!!! so go on with your negativity comments and KISS MY ASS!!!!!


Its here this week on Friday the 24th jamming our cd release party..We are stoked to be jamming with saint Christopher.Hope to see you there.