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Small Minded People

Small minded people are unable to enjoy music if it doesn't fit neatly within their narrow system of classification or without someone first telling them if they should like it. I just make music that sounds good to me and will endure long enough for people to argue about how it should be labeled long after I'm dead and gone. Grow a brain and you will be able to think for yourself. Take off the blinders and you will realize that the universe has no boundaries. If you don't understand this, find an enlightened person to explain it to you


I mentioned before that I'm going through some personal issues right now. I've been reluctant to talk about it publicly, but people have been waiting a long time for beats or tracks that I promised to send so I feel that I owe everyone an explanation. My 13 year old son is autistic. He is completely non-verbal and prone to violent behavior. Today he will be moving into an out of home facility. It's not exactly the same as being institutionalized because my ex and I will still have all of our rights as his parents, but he will be living away from the home with a care provider watching him 24/7 and the best possible care. As you can imagine this has been a very difficult time and dealing with this is more important than making music. Having said that, I'm ready to get back to work and move on with life. We have several collabs in the works so stay tuned for new tracks to be posted over the next week or two. Also I expect to have my mixtape out by Feb. and the Art Of The Streets mixtape should be ready about then. I appreciate the support and patience of my fans and collaborators and I promise you the new music will be worth the wait. Also, shouts out to Bubba Kush, Don Ace, D Scott, Ceez, Chrisah and 3.Willz for their patience during this time. I know it's not easy waiting to get tracks back, especially when you don't know what the wait is for.


Goin' thru some difficult shit right now. I appreciate those who have stuck with me so far...there is a light at the end of the tunnel


So we got several beats finished and sent out, just waiting to get tracks back. Still working on some beats and doing some editing and mixing on what we've gotten back so far. Lots of new music on the way so stay tuned. Check out my remix of "So Fresh" by Bubba Kush ft. 3.Willz and MegaN's new beat "Kush - Instrumental" - by far the best beat we've ever made!

I'm Bloggin' Now

Just trying to get organized and get information out to the fans...stay tuned for more...