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Brought a Solider Home!!!

Today was such an AWESOME day... started out finding out that I've moved up to #3 on the reverb HOT charts.. SO AMAZING. Followed by doing an interview with my hometown newspaper... then the best part of my day.. A young solider who faught in Afganistan came home today.. the town was devastated to hear he was badly wounded. Over 2,000 people.. including fire trucks, flags, cop cars, lined the roads as our Hero drove it. I choke up once again just writing about it.. I know I wrote a song one night called Hate this Town.. but I could never hate this town.. its filled with so much love & support for another is mind blowing. Its so encouraging & such an honor to live among such wonderful people.. Its great to have our hero home safe & sound!

Cold day.. bad news... good news???

Well its a cold & gloomy day in cold & gloomy Oregon.. I really do hate this town ;) Found out the Music Video is on a longer stand still then we hoped for.. Kevin(the video director) is directing the new Dragon Tattoo movie?? Dang thing is really messing with my video! Common?? Feature film that will most likely make you millions?? Or music video for a no body independent artist?? You'd totally go with the music video right?? ;-) Kidding!!! I get it.. I get it... BUT on a better note!! The gentleman who literally created Linkin Park & Hoobastank has joined my team!!! :D He's going to help with development.. particularly in the live performance department :) Now you have to come see someday! Moral of the story.. with all bad comes good :) :) :)

Music Video!

Things have been a little in the air! Our first set.. an old abandoned hotel.. was demolished!! But its looking like Im flying out monday! Hoping for better luck!!