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Well hello friends and fans. So a few friends and I came up with a fun idea. We are going to start covering songs and learning each others songs to make some fun live video and audio recordings. We want as many people as we can find. If you know some cover songs or have a few of your own and want to jam them out with some more people, then your on the same page as us. I'll make sure walk away with audio or a video recording. Maybe even just a memory. Let me know what you think. This is all for fun and a way for everyone to learn and meet some more friends to jam with. We call this Substance Amused Group. Keep your eyes open for new songs with new people. We also would like to book shows. The more people we can get into this the funner it will be. Much love hope to hear from you soon.

Liatrus  (almost 6 years ago)

I'm so down like the syndrome.

AlecPatrickTownsendMusic  (almost 6 years ago)

I GUARANTEE if I'm there, CD's of the jam session WILL be available that night!!

Hey, I need to work on my music skills too you know!


I hope that everyone has been diggin the new music. I'm trying on some new stuff. I'm going to be putting out a second demo cd. After this i'm going to round up the troops and get a good sounding Full Length. I can't wait! If you like CalmYourselfAlec you should check out some of my other bands. Dane & the Death Machine I Got You Penguin! Via Secret Dramatrons

My Friends Also Make Some Sweet Beatz! DANCINGINOCTAVES Jim Fear WHITNEY BLAYNE Landlords

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I'm playing live tomorrow night at Liquid Joes with my band Dane and the Death Machine. Come have a drink hang out and listen to some sweet jams. Love to see you there. If you need group discount tickets send me a message and i'll make sure you get them. Thanks for all your support. Alec