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"Orientation" out soon!

After a long process and many hours spent in a new studio, we are happy to announce that our debut EP "Orientation" is nearly complete. The album is currently being mastered and our designs are being finalized. Expect big things from us in the future, this is only the beginning. -As We Are

New studio dates!

We have scheduled another set of dates at Winterland Studios to record starting December 8th! Because of previous setbacks, our other tracks are now up for free download while we prepare for the album to be recorded again. Enjoy the free songs and share us with your friends, we'll have more to come soon!

Album Update

Our Original CD release date was passed up as many of you may know, and now we have found out that some technical issues occurred and our album material was lost in the process. We are sorry to say that this will put a delay on our Cd release, but we ARE going back to a new studio to record as soon as possible. We have two demo songs uploaded now to give you a sample of whats to come on the new album. Thanks for the support everyone, we'll be seeing you at a show soon.

-As We Are

Coming soon

Hey everyone, so far we have been playing shows and making a name for ourselves locally, but havent had much of an online impression. We just put in orders for shirts and other merch which we will be selling at shows. All of these sales will go straight into a fund for recording at Winterland Studios in Minneapolis, where we will be headed as soon as late July. We are going to keep playing shows and booking as many shows as possible, thank you to everyone who is following us, and to all of the fans we will meet in the future. It means the world to us. -As We Are