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Found this old gem in my FB memories


New Reason to Smile

Bunga Burger Bar- Friday Nights- oh yea!

Thursday can never come soon enough for me

the headline says it all

It's May and the Sun is shining- Finally!

Filling in for Deb tonight at Karaoke- have'nt doen this in like 20+ years! A little nervous. Hope everything works! I am looking forward to it though. :)

Happy New Year

Here's to a new wonderful happy and healthy new year!

Sunny Saturday

I love fall, I actually love all the seasons and the changes each new season brings. Wild words of wisdom from a dreamer and romantic semi-grown up girl. Just watched an episode of Opening Act - I love the premise. I am telling you I was born about 20 years too early!....Thursday nights is my night to shine I usually can be found at the local karaoke bar indulging in my favorite passion. My current dream would be to have my own night and do a showcase- well me a a couple of the other indulgers.

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