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Fall 2011

A crazy summer calls for a bit of down time---but when we party, prepare for a throwdown! Mark your calendars and be sure to catch JHat live!

September 3 - The Grand Canal, Boston MA September 23 - Main Pub, Manchester CT September 24 - Wedding (private) October 1 - Murphy & Scarletti's, Farmington CT October 15 - Wedding (private) October 28 - Headquarters, Agawam MA October 29 - Main Pub, Manchester CT November 11 - Geraldines, West Springfield MA November 19 - The Red Door, Watertown CT November 19 - The Grand Canal, Boston MA November 26 - The Main Pub, Manchester CT December 3 - Headquarters, Agawam MA December 10 - Murphy & Scarletti's, Farmington CT January 14 - Lansdowne Pub, Boston MA

Summer's Smokin' Hot!

Hope to see you all at these exciting venues! Only the JHat crew knows how to rock their socks!

July 16 - City Limits in Waterbury, CT with Explicit Band! July 22 - Murphy & Scarletti's in Farmington, CT July 23 - Grand Canal Club in Boston, MA July 29 - Main Pub in Manchester, CT July 30 - Louie B's in Southwick, MA August 5 - Lansdowne Pub in Boston, MA August 12 - Red Door in Watertown, CT August 13 - Wedding (private) August 26 - Headquarters in Agawam, MA August 27 - Wedding (private)

Only fools miss out this April!

We're stoked to meet up with the crew here, there and everywhere this spring! We'll be waiting to party with you from Agawam to Bristol, and Watertown, to Meriden's daffodil fields. There's plenty of party for everyone this month--crazy and refined, young and mature...all are welcome to ROCK HARD! See you soon!

March 2011

Cheers to the JHat crew! Hope you're all resting, because as of April 1st, the JHat party that you've grown to know and love hits hard non-stop through the summer of 2011! We're looking forward to ROCKin HARDer than every with you!