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"Chill Grooves"

When Miles Davis released the album, “Kind of Blue” in 1959 no one knew that 34 years later 4 notes played at the 3:28 mark of “So What” from the tenor saxophone solo by John Coltrane from that song would be played again in a similar fashion looped all through the 1993 Hip Hop cult classic, “U.N.I.T.Y.” by Queen Latifah. Amazing how timeless music improvisation is!

Music is so versatile. It’s universal and ubiquitous as I previously stated in the liner notes of my “Chakra Chill Grooves” project. And of course with the internet, artists and fans can really be everywhere without limitation. In fact, as an instrumentalist I have several clients whom I’ve recorded for that I’ve never physically met such as Maja Erlandsson from Sweden whose style in my opinion, is a mixture of pop and soul with shades of jazz. Then, there is Joe Leavy, a very soulful R&B singer out of Oakland, CA. I’ve played on both of their projects without ever leaving home. This is where we are in the 21st century.

As for my brand, “Chill Grooves” will be launching another product for summer 2013. It will be nice and smooth and very funky. In the meantime, please remember this tag line: Everyone deserves to "Chill to the Groove.”