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NEW Fade Away EP

So, a few of you have visited this site, bought a CD, you may be waiting for my songs to be on itunes or you just listened to these songs online. Whatever the case, I can't tell you how cool it has been the last month, hearing all of your comments, encouragement and compliments! This whole being an artist thing, is a new thing for me and it is really a different process than just being a drummer for a band (like I am used to). You have to be willing and confident enough to put yourself out there I am learning. It's not an easy task. Every song that I wrote for this EP has a story behind it. Especially the slower song called reach. Believe it or not, God has brought me through some very difficult and sometimes even tragic times in my life growing up in upstate New York. Not only did he bring me through those times, he also lifted me up, dusted me off and made me a more confident, faithful individual. I want you to know these songs to me are not just words on a paper, melodies and/or hooks, these really came out of my heart. Recently, I became a worship leader at a church here in Mt. Juliet called Life church. Leading worship has taught me so much about not only the church, but what it means to truly worship our God. Worship is not just giving a little bit of ourselves to God, He desires the WHOLE THING! Worship is about surrendering everything you are whether you feel broken, hurt or are struggling with some sort of addiction, anger, etc. One of my songs Pull Me Out says "I'm hanging on to a ledge by a finger and I know that I can't handle this on my own." You bring yourself to a point where you realize your life is absolutely pointless without God and you really can't handle life on your own. You come as you are in honestly to Him and He will meet you. I heard a pastor say one time that the good news is not how we can get to God, it is how God meets us right where we are. A lot of people feel that they can only go to church when they get their lives straightened out or fix their own issues. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Church is a place where you come with all your baggage and meet people that are just like you (because lets face it, we all have our baggage), and everyone comes in honestly to a God that is able to help you through any problem. Through this EP, I really want people to grasp onto the fact that we need to sometimes force ourselves to "slow down" and focus on what matters most. It is so easy in our world to get caught up in our own jobs, politics and struggles that we miss out on what God really has for us. In the bridge of Fade Away I put it this way "I see a vision of cars, just flying by, flying by, we need to stop and take a look at the bigger picture. Were missing out on a saving grace for the world to see. Also, when this world tries to push you around and it feels like everything is "crashing down upon you", put your hope in Jesus who is the only one that really knows what you are going through. He has been there and done that for your sake. I want the church and this new generation to rise up, come alive and take a hold of what our God really has for us. Lets not be afraid to stand out and let the world know that our God is the only answer!

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