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Chapter 12

Captain's Log: Stardate: September 27th: 2 piping hot slices of brand new flavor up ready for earholes! Once Again and Scarcrossed: 2 tracks that feature ya boy actually singing. If you like it / love it, let me know. IF you hate it, go kick rocks...but still let me know. Feedback is like percocet....it's GOOD! Undertow...out. (end transmission)

Chapter 11

Captain's Log: Stardate: August 23rd: Good to be back on RN! Been through a lot over the last few months. A lot of changes going on. Great new girlfriend amongst other things! :) Now, however, is the time for Undertow to re-emerge. Currently working on new material which should be up soon! If you're an old supporter, please say hello and thanks for your support. If you're a new passer by, congratulations, you have officially stumbled across something substantive and purposeful! Undertow out....end transmission.

Chapter 10

Captain's Log: Stardate: April 3: After a bit of a break, Undertow is back in the saddle! "Sound of Silence" has been out for about 3 months. I've gotten lots of great feedback on the album. If you haven't gotten it, go pick it up on Amazon, Itunes, any online retailer. In other news, work has begun on new material. "SCARCROSSED" is the 1st new track so far...Through it All, Megativity, Feels Good, Once Again, Granny, and Stars on the James all in varying stages of work. Keep posted and again, thanks for listening!!...Undertow out...(end transmission)

Chapter 9.667 {rounded up}

Captains Log: Stardate: December 6: After over a year of tireless work, it is here! Debut album SOS: Sound of Silence is FINISHED!! My, oh my what a journey this has been! Currently figuring out which who to distribute through. Track listing is below. Will keep you updated on when it goes live! 1. Chaos in the Void 2. Question the Answer 3. Song 3 4. Artificiamorphosis 5. The L.O.V.E.D. 6. Nursery Rhyme 7. Chasm 8. Until Next Time 9. Corridor 10. That Feeling We Get

Chapter 9.333 (repeating)

Captain's Log: Stardate: November 30: Time for quick update. 1st UNDERTOW album titled SOS: Sounds of Silence imminent! Track listing available shortly. 2 other quick things: collaborating on new mat'l...will keep everyone updated. And also, check out my boys Little Black Rain Clouds (former Cold War guys). New project w/ some really dope shite! That's it for now. Undertow...out. (end transmission)

Chapter 9

Captain's Log: Stardate: October 4: Okay, special project in the aforementioned entry is now by the wayside. No stress, no lost sleep...moving on. Piping hot flavor available today! Current title "Through It All". Instrumental only right now as vocals are under construction. Am actually looking to collabo w/ vocalist or 2 on this one. If interested, hit me up. WORD! Undertow...out. (end transmission)

Chapter 8.5

Captain's Log: Stardate: September 26: Mini update. Dealing with sickness, hurricanes, and family has kept me busy. HOWEVER, recently began work on a new track...working title is "Megativity". Also crafting something new for a very special project. Details are scarce right now, but knowledge will be dropped in the imminent future. Keep updated and thank you as always. Undertow....out. (end transmission)

Chapter 8

Captain's Log: Stardate: August 3. Update time! 2 new songs complete with vocals now up and available! Nursery Rhyme is a late night crazy adventure involving characters from many of our own childhood nursery rhymes. Different may be a euphemism for this one! The other is Stars on the James...my homage to the River City. Imagine sitting on Church Hill at midnight staring out over the water....that's where this was written. Brings the total now to 9. In the home stretch before a completed album is available! Keep a looky out!! Undertow...out. (end transmission)

Chapter 7

Captain's Log: Stardate: July 12: No NEW material to report on, but alas, the Undertow is still tirelessly at work. Finally, VOCALS!! 2 songs currently up and streaming with more to follow. Please check em out and provide the requisite feedback. Undertow....out. (end transmission)

Chapter 6

Captain's Log: Stardate: June 21. Remix update. 2 more slices of piping hot flavor up and ready! First is a track part of the remote collabo project with some fellows in the DC area. It's a funky, upbeat track. Keys, sax, and spacey pad layers by yours truly. Second is a remix of Cold War's "Burn the Fields". Sit back and enjoy this one...7 mins plus! Enjoyment to all and to all...a good night. Undertow...out. (end transmission)