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Who is Robin Mills

If words are what we speak, a language compiled of words that were created, is it not possible that our thinking is limited to vocabulary? How can you label a sensation that cannot be accurately defined because each person feels and responds to a sensation differently? We are born with senses not language. We mimic “ma ma” and “da da”, some say its universal, I say it’s because that is what we hear over and over again. Then we are introduced to vocabulary that labels tangible things like chairs and books. The inventors of words went so far as to even label most other things that cannot be held. Most people can hear, taste, smell, feel, and see. These things were labeled senses. Most people get angry, love, hate, and care. Those words are filed away under the emotions category. There is a category for everything. Someone started with the number one and went as far as they could and must have got tired of coming up with more words for numbers so the word infinite was introduced. Every now and then another word is thrown in the dictionary. Just to make sure no one gets confused we were given the thesaurus, a book that gives us words to take the place words that we commonly use. What if we didn’t have words? I am a writer who understands that some things cannot be verbally expressed…..therefore I paint.

Who is Robin Mills?

One plays with words, One writes them down, One hears rhythm in every sound, One marvels over paint, One plays with a brush, One dives into a project with a lover’s lust, One is a daydreamer all of the time, One takes to the stage and shines, One can tell stories, One can hear. One can see, One knows no fear, One is a philosopher to the bone… They are all Africans far from home, all live deep in my heart and dome, they set the pace they set the tone in my world in my home. They represent the one you see when you look directly at me.