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Interview with Dave for Limrock bleeder zine

Brigantia, north Tipp’s own timelords of Doom, have emerged in recent times as the mid-west’s premier metal band, and 2010 has seen the trio gig all over as release the Chronic Argonauts demo to national acclaim. The Bleeder caught up with the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Dave Gleeson, to talk doom, demos, and distribution deals… What’s this I’m hearing about a distribution deal? Dave: I’m very happy to say that Altsphere have decided to release our debut album in September of next year. Altsphere is a DIY label and shop based in France that’s recently re-opened after a few years’ hiatus. They deal not only with doom, but also black, thrash, sludge etc. The Chronic Argonauts demo has been well received at home and abroad. Having binned two previous demos that you were unhappy with, did you feel any pressure when putting this one out for review? To be honest, no. We felt that we had been guilty of releasing sub-par material in the past so we agreed to spend the extra time on this demo and step up the quality control somewhat. The decision to record with Ciaran Culhane was one of the best we have made; finally someone who was able to demystify the recording process for us and give us the sound that WE wanted. I listened to the demo recently and I can safely say that it is the first recording that I’ve been proud of. That said, it is only a demo and we have achieved nothing yet. Demo aside, you’ve garnered a lot of respect the past couple of years on the back of your live performances. What are the slots/performances your grandchildren will be forced to hear you babble about in your senility? We are primarily a live band and if we could not gig then we would not exist. It baffles me when I think of the bands we have been lucky enough to gig with, I am truly grateful to have had these experiences, especially when we’ve only been active as a band for the last three years. I mean, Pentagram is one of my all time favorite bands and we get to go on before them? That was bizarre to say the least! Truth be told, the circumstances behind us getting the gig were something of a happy accident but I think we gave a good account of ourselves and doomed it out like the good book says! Headlining the Siege last year was a great experience too, even though I felt a lot of pressure going on after so many killer bands - Old Season like? Come on! We owe Bad Rep, Bakers and the Limerick heads a lot for all they have done for Brigantia so we’ll always try to repay them by putting on a decent show. I think our best gig was actually the Paddy’s day bash in Bakers this year. Time Machine Of Doom has become a live favorite for many, particularly here in Limerick. Is the song’s popularity (and associated audience expectation) a millstone around the band’s neck or a point of pride? Definitely a point of pride. If someone is decent enough to come to a gig to see us, then they should be able to hear the songs they want. It’s just up to us to come up with better songs that may eventually replace Time Machine as a set staple. Remember this is just the beginning for Brigantia, no matter how sick of us you may already be! Given the band’s apparent disinterest in shameless self-promotion, I’m curious to know what your ambitions are for the band? Good question and one that I find hard to answer because I haven’t given it too much thought. Right now, our aim is to deliver the strongest album we possibly can and take it from there. It would be great to get to Europe for some shows next year and to release something on Vinyl. Overall, I think it’s better to deal with the here and now rather than setting targets which may or may not be realistic for the band. Other than that, we will keep doing what we do best. Or worst depending on your point of view.

Review of The Chronic Argonauts - Doomantia.com

Brigantia's newest recording is out my doom friends and its available on CD or as a free download, check their Myspace for details. Coming from Tipperary in Ireland, this three piece doom outfit seems to get better all the time, maybe its all the killer shows they have been playing. Some of the bands they regularly do shows with are also killer doom acts so this could be one of the reasons the band is gaining strength all the time in song-writing and performance. This three track EP called "The Chronic Argonauts" is the latest and best recording from them to date. The EP kicks off with "Time Machine Of Doom" which as the title might suggest plays out as a almost tribute to the music we all hold so dear - doom metal. Starting with a drumming intro, it crawls its way into a type of Saint Vitus styled riff that is seething with monolithic, plodding riff structures. This gives way to a bouncy, mid-tempo stomping riff and drum beat that is catchy and infectious. Similar to Trouble with a infectious stomping rhythm, its a cool old school headbanging anthem in a way, maybe it wasn't intended to be like that but its got that "fists in the air" stadium atmosphere about it. Track two is called "Prisoner" and its less catchy than the opener but much heavier and more doomy. The vocal performance of Dave who also plays guitar is very strong on this tune, he has a perfect voice for doom metal. Howling but clear, he has a perfect sense of melody and range for this genre of music. The main riff on "Prisoner" is a creeping, twisting classic. Its total doom in every way, no blending of musical styles here, this is doom metal made by doom fans for doom fans. While its extremely dark and heavy, its also very melodic and builds tension all the way to the final notes. The production on the EP is also very strong, guitar has plenty of crunch, the bass is solid throughout but the drum sound is a little thin but that is a very minor complaint and hardly makes a difference to the all encompassing sound. The best track is left to last, "The Eyes Of Lugosi". More old-school riffing is the key to the track and there is great use of a stop-start arrangement that adds another catchy element to "The Chronic Argonauts". The band has a natural flair for writing doom metal songs that are heavy and dark but also with a lot of irresistible riffs. "The Eyes Of Lugosi" also has some great bass runs and more great vocal phrasing that adds a extra dimension to the song. Its all over and done with in 20 minutes or so and leaves you wanting a lot more, really its a teaser for a full length album that Brigantia desperately needs to record real soon. For fans of Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Cathedral, Sabbath and Trouble, this is a band that most if not all doom metal fans will enjoy. Its hard not to when they play a style that defines "doom metal" so precisely. Buy the CD or grab a download, either way i think you are going to dig "The Chronic Argonauts" by Brigantia. 9/10

Review of The Chronic Argonauts - The noise that annoys blogspot

Brigantia, Tipperary’s finest doom export, have released their demo The Chronic Argonauts for free download, yes free download for all you lovely people. Click HERE to get in on the doom. The band are also to be part of Dublin Doom Day this September alongside Mourning Beloveth, Griftegard and plenty more. The Chronic Argonauts is one of the most striking Irish demos for a while now, and it makes this heady impression in a mere three tracks. Plus, the production quality only strengthens the delivery, being near pristine but still leaving the necessary fetidness that any doom release yearns. ‘Time Machine Of Doom’ is one big massive Sabbath love in and a track that shamelessly drives a hook into you head. Meanwhile ‘Prisoner’ has some monolithic and engrossing riffs accentuated by crushing vocals. And to end ‘The Eyes Of Lugosi’ treads wondrously along the moods throughout the demo, drawing too on some inescapable blues influences.

Brigantia featured on Thee Big Black mix tape available for free download now!!

Black is Thee New Black Vol 1 is here!!! Here it is, the first ever mix tape from Thee Big Black!! We have compiled a selection of some of the best underground artists for you to download completely free of charge, just follow the link. Black is Thee New Black Vol 1 comes in two parts due to the size of the folders (side 1 is 100.65MB and side 2 is 149.63MB) which we have also compressed (the same as the zine issues), the download may take a while but we think that you’ll agree that it is well worth it. We think that the 23 tracks on the compilation cover a pretty good cross section of what is happening in the underground at the moment, there is everything from 70s inspired fuzz rock, old school doom, black metal, gothic doom, hardcore and more. We had so many submissions that we weren’t able to include on volume 1 that we are already planing volume 2, keep an eye out for that. Follow this link to download your free copy!! Here’s the track listing for Black is Thee new Black Vol 1 . . . Side 1 1) Widows – Kiss Of Failure 2) Gorse – The Sweet Smell of Decay 3) Brains – Black on Black 4) Alunah – Song of the Sun 5) Of The Horizon – Suns Align 6) Howlin’ Widow – Painted Spell 7) El Schlong – The Baddies are Coming 8 ) Noitroba – Black Hearts of Treachery 9) Sulk – Mercy of Dirt 10) Bumsnogger – Dutch Fisting 11) Eye Of Solitude – Pain Stained 12) O.O.O. – Red Beach Side 2 1) Grifter – Pendulum 2) Bible – Vultures 3) Whit – Vasta 4) General – Empty Space 5) Brigantia – Prisoner 6) Funeral Hag – Nellie Longarms 7) Bastard Of The Skies – A Legendary Temper 8 ) Umbilical Parricide – Possesion 9) Thamud – From the Womb of Peace 10) Year Of The Flood – Canals in the City 11) Abre Ojos – Red House

Review of The Chronic Argonauts - MetalIreland.com

A superb release this, from Tipperary’s Brigantia. The reasons? Weight, atmosphere and authenticity. Opener ‘Time Machine Of Doom’ shows off why they’re vital. Though it opens with considerable foreboding - those long feedback buildups channeling the spirits of ancient Liverpudlian doom tomes - before long they’re in the familiar territory of heavy Sabbath worship. ‘The Prisoner’ however is a different story. Though there’s a vocal nod to Messiah Marcolin era Candlemass from the off, check out those groaning bends - more N’awlins than anything else, and certainly contributing to the satisfying darkness that proves Brigantia’s depth. What I’m trying to say here is that Brigantia have managed to mix two things that dont normally go together: the enjoyable, vintage Sabbath bounce of regular blues based doom, and that more serious, loadbearing side characterised by grimmer, slower riffing. The production is perfect for the music, with a special commendation going to the guitars. They’re granite heavy. Vocally, the notes are all spot on - neither detectably flat or sharp - while the drums have been given just that touch of echo to allow the music real breathing space. Though ‘The Eyes Of Lugosi’ is perhaps just a bit too hero worshippy for my own taste, this is top drawer doom. They’ve moved away from the enthusiastic simplicity of their earlier material and begun to dwell on darker musical themes - and the result is damn good. A label has GOT to pick this up, and if not, a self released 10″ is demanded. - Earl Grey ::: 09/07/10

Review of The Chronic Argonauts - Doom metal.com

Oh yeah, this is Doom! Brigantia is a three-piece hailing from Ireland, and this is their latest EP. Now, instead of pointing out the more obvious comparisons, I will mention getting a more-than-slight Soundgarden vibe from the whole thing (Think songs like '4th of July' from ’Superunknown’). Perhaps with a slight hint of Iron Maiden, seasoned with a more-than-light dash of Australian 70's proto-psych/Hard Rock (it's my review, I can call 'em what I want!) band, Buffalo. How's that for a non-Doom comparison? If you want a more doom metal description, how does early Trouble, Saint Vitus, and a rougher Solstice do it for you? ...yes, rougher Solstice, or perhaps even hints of While Heaven Wept. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call Brigantia Epic Doom, but the music (especially when the chant-like vocals kick in) certainly has that feeling to it. About the songs themselves, 'Time Machine Of Doom' is an interesting opener. The heavy doom fan may find this to be the weakest of the three tracks, but the more riff-based fan will likely enjoy this one the most. Personally, I prefer the other two, with the middle track, 'Prisoner', being my favourite, and the slower, lower 'The Eyes Of Lugosi' making for an excellent last song. Overall, awesome! ...but I do have to ask, what's with the title? I didn't really get a Stoner vibe from this EP. I'd call it slightly-drunken Doom, more than anything. In the end though, if you like your Doom old school, you can't go wrong with Brigantia.

Review of The Chronic Argonauts - Doom metal front

With the three songs of their very first MCD BRIGANTIA undoubtedly clarify, that they are not only on the same level with famous acts of the traditional Doom genre, but will cut a dash throughout the international underground. Not for nothing they were invited to play the Dublin Doom Days this September. The first track “Time Machine Of Doom” is a genius time travel back to the roots of the genre, from heavy traditionalism with roughened vocals over epic bombast of the 80’s to 70’s psychedelica – at all times carrying melodious and catchy. “Prisoner” handles with similar ingredients and assures first of all with from hooklines interweaved guitar play, at times the vocals are some pathetic but fit very well to the dolorous mood of this grievous song. The last track “The Eyes Of Lugosi” is simply a gracious song where the breaks frame the guitars which brim over with repetitive hooks. Together with casual 70’s Rock riffing, genious bass parts and Dave’s measured vocals the third highlight on “The Cronic Argonauts”. If the three Irish keep this high level, an upcoming full-length would not only gain top scores from me for authenticity, compositorial genious and Doom pathos. 9/10 points

Review of The Chronic Argonauts - Winter Torment zine

Well, i am gonna take a break from the more violent side of metal and shine some light some quality Doom!! This is a band i have heard about alot through myspace and various friends.Well finally thanks to the band i can now put a sound to the name.This is Brigantia's new 3 song e.p and the music is traditonal,heavy memorable doom.It is hard to be totally original when writing/playing traditional doom {actually that could be said for ANY genre today} but Brigantia are able to pull it off rather nicely, you can hear some st.vitus influence in the songs but overall Brigantia have crafted a rather original release while keeping true to the traditional old-school doom sound of the elder gods.guitars are slow,heavy with one thunderous riff after another but their are moments of mid-paced catchy guitar riffs.the third song "eyes of lugosi" is definitely a stand out track for me and singer/guitarist dave has some of the best doom vocals i have ever heard sung on this song.overall Brigantia is a doom band not to be missed!!