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Upcoming shows

June 21st @ Union Tavern in Webster and then June 27th @ Dan Electros. Come out and support some great local music. We may take a break for a bit and write some new songs or maybe not. We're having a great time playing shows and meeting some new bands and seeing more and more faces in the crowd. Thanks for all your support. Be sure to check out our tunes and stop by our GFY page...https://www.facebook.com/pages/GFY/249986931693531?ref_type=bookmark and hit us up with a like and some comments. We love you long time.... CNJ@GFY

Things that be goin on.

Hey everybody.... Clifton here with some heads ups and some updates and whatevers. All of the songs from our CD recording entitled Houston are now up loaded for listening convenience. The art work is done we're just waiting to pull the trigger on it. We knew when we recorded this that selling it wasn't going to be a priority so it will get out there in physical form before too long.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Mister Insane Drummer for having myself and Dutch Von Erich of The Bloody Von Erichs and Alex from Action Frank in his show last night with a call in interview. It was fun doing it and we'll hope to be doing more in the future. Upcoming shows, just check the list and come out and support some great local music. Until later.


The holidaze are over...You can come out now

Has it been that long since I've had nothing better to do than write a blog entry? Well the CD is done just not duplicated. We were very happy with how it turned out and would like to give a big Go Fuck Yourself shout out to Steven at Digital Warehaus for putting up with us and being an all around great engineer and suggestion maker. We look forward to working with him in the future. And speaking of the future..... There will be changes in 2014. I"m not going to let the cat outta the bag here but let me just say that if you've never heard a marimba being pumped through 100 watt Marshall then you're in for a real treat. We're writing new material, some of it will be ready for the show on the 9th of Jan so don't miss out on being the first to hear something that you've never heard before and may never hear again. As you know we love choosing our cover songs carefully so be on the lookout for some cool and unexpected new ones. Even I can't believe it. It wasn't hard learning the 1812 Overture but finding working cannons was a bitch. I hope you all got what you deserved for your Cashmas holiday and we look forward to keeping you entertained in 2014. And on a non sarcastic note. For all of you who have come to see us, have invited us to play shows with you. Who do whatever you can to support local music you have our heartfelt thanks. Keep up the good work and we'll hold up our end too. Thanks for everything. We love you but Go Fuck Yourselves... CNJ@GFY

Just an update

Hey everyone, We're almost done with our studio project. Just doing some final things and then we'll master it and get some copies made and start passing them out. We didn't plan on selling these as we wanted to just use these as our calling card and get some of our songs out there. We have a show scheduled for late in October but in the meantime we're already working on new stuff so we'll probably be getting back out there in December. We'd like to say thanks for all the bands who we've been lucky enough to play with and to any and everybody who have come to see us and continue to support the local music scene here in Houston. Whether it's 5 people or 50 or 500 hundred that turn out we always appreciate it. See you soon and keep those cards and letters coming. CNJ@GFY

For those who read our updates...

We had a great weekend at Digital Warehaus recording some songs. Rough mixes sound good and we'll do final mixes next month. In the meantime we're going to hunker down and start working on some new stuff that's been bubbling around our heads and finish the mersh stuff. A continued thanks to all those who support local music. See you at the shows. GFY

What's next?

First of all a huge thanks to The White Swan and Sift Through The Ashes for having us play. Destroy The Living and What's To Become, top notch bands so go see them whenever you get a chance. We're going into the studio in a couple weeks to start working on our CD. So nice well produced music and T shirts and all that stuff will be forthcoming. I'd just like to say that over the last two years we've met some great bands and fine musicians. It's always an honor to share a stage with you all. Thanks to everyone who come out and stays until the last note is played. Our scene is whatever we all make it. Keep supporting us and we'll keep rockin you. Cheers..... GFY

Buggerin The Swan...

We're ready to play this Friday night at The White Swan with Sift Through The Ashes...A Taste Of What's Become....Destroy The Living... Show up and support the scene. Life is short...Rock hard.

yeaaaa yeaaaaa yeaaaaa

Very jazzed about the show tomorrow in Austin. Hope anyone who sees this can make it out. It's at The Infest. Punk Rock and Wrestling. Wake the neighbors and bring the kids....

Things that be goin on....

Hi everyone, We're playing this Saturday in Austin with The Bloody Von Erichs at the Infest for The Rot Rally Rock N' Wrestling. Come one out if you can and see all the craziness. Don't forget The Doom In June show at The White Swan in Houston on June 21st. Tickets only 5 bucks.... After that we're going into Digital Warehaus Studio to record finally. Hope to have the music out by the end of August. We'll still be on the lookout for a show here and there so if you need someone to help fill up a lineup hit us up. Life shrt...Rok Hrd!

Last night....

Hey everyone.... Thanks for coming out and supporting some local music. There were lots of great shows to choose from so we appriciate everyone who came to Dan E's to see us. We'll get vids and pics up later today. A special GFY thanks to Jodi for being our camera op girl last night.