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Musical Emotion

I witnessed a moment that touched the very depths of my person last night...when Alan Jackson sang "Where were You (when the world stopped turning)", I glanced out at the audience and my eyes fell upon a man who was evidently very touched by the song. His emotions were on his sleeve, eyes closed, hands crossed.... It was so moving for me that it brought tears to my eyes.... Just a reminder of how we're all in this together...music construes the realities (good & bad) that bind us and make us "feel as one" Just a reminder to "be kind to your neighbour and the sewer grate bum, because you don't really know where we all come from" Everyone of us has a story....... ~Riki~

The Power of Music

I have always appreciated the amazing power that music can have over people. It evokes so many different emotions... A good song can make you cry at your happiest moment and make you smile at your saddest. Music makes you realize that although we are all uniquely different...at the base of it all, we are very much the same. We all cry, laugh, fear, long for, regret, question... and music is an avenue that allows us touch on those emotions as one. We are universally connected..music is a constant reminder of that!

To all of of my brothers & sisters..play your music loud and let those emotions run free...

Yours forever in song,

~Riki~ xo

Eric S.
Eric S.  (over 6 years ago)

Bravo!!!!! "Where words fail,music speaks"