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Greetings to all the Reggae Souljahs everywhere. We are glad to announce that the "Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 1" compilation album is finally completed. Mastering and all the artwork was completed just a couple of hours ago. In total there are 16 tracks. All Killer-No Filler! The album will be available for purchase during the Camouflage Tour June-July and available for digital download soon after. We hope that everyone will enjoy listening to the album as much as we have enjoyed the entire process. At times the deadlines and the stress of putting this project together was overwhelming, but in the end we are all excited to share this with the world! The album features three songs of each of the Reggae SoulJahs; General Smiley, Ken Serious, Mister Kali, Sgt. Remo, and three remixes by DJ Yahru El Guru and Tony Garcia. Every song on the album is Top-Notch. There are no filler songs on here! Of course, some listeners will enjoy some songs more than others, but each song on this album was carefully selected to ensure it was perfect for this album. Every one of the songs has never been officially released. You may have heard a rough version of some of the songs somewhere, but the majority of the songs/riddims will be new to your ears. There are several featured riddims on this album. The first is the Chanting Riddim produced by General Smiley's Ruff Company Records. It features Ken Serious' "Chanting" and Sgt. Remo's "Third World Anthem". The second featured riddim is the More Than Gold Riddim produced Mister Kali's Dread I Arts and Ceremony Studios. Featured on this riddim are Mister Kali and AeZ Rock's "More Than Gold", General Smiley's "Let It Go", and Sgt. Remo's "Jah SoulJah". The third featured riddim is the Brighter Smile Riddim also produced by Dread I Arts and Ceremony Studios. On this riddim you will find Mister Kali's top new tune "Samson & Delilah" and Sgt. Remo's hit song "How Long". Other riddims on the album include Ken Serious' production of "Lively", as well as guest production by Albuquerque, NM's top reggae producers Full Grown Studios. Full Grown Studios provided the riddims for Sgt. Remo's "Thunder & Lightning" and Ken Serious' "Defend Mi Right". The album is rounded off by dubstep remixes by Yahru El Guru and Tony Garcia. Together they add a new dimension to the Reggae SoulJahs' music reaching out to a new audience while maintaining the message and vibration of their music. Below is the track listing for "Reggae SoulJahs Worldwide Vol. 1": 1. Name of Luv-General Smiley 2. Chanting-Ken Serious 3. Samson & Delilah-Mister Kali 4. Jah SoulJah-Sgt. Remo 5. Wuk It Out-General Smiley 6. Thunder & Lightning-Sgt. Remo 7. More Than Gold-Mister kali feat. AeZ Rock 8. Defend Mi Right-Ken Serious 9. Third World Anthem-Sgt. Remo 10. Let It Go-General SMiley 11. Run Session-Mister Kali 12. Lively-Ken Serious 13. How Long-Sgt. Remo 14. More Than Gold Dubstep Remix-YEG DJ/Tony Garcia 15. Let It Go Dubstep Remix-YEG DJ/Tony Garcia 16. Jah SoulJah Dubstep Remix-YEG DJ/Tony Garcia

Reggae SoulJahs Finishing Up Compilation Album "Reggae SoulJahs Vol. 1"

The album entitled “Reggae SoulJahs Vol. 1” is due for release in late May, 2011. This is the first album to feature the talents of these artists in one compilation as vocalists and producers. General Smiley’s new hit “Name of Luv” is a delightfully crafted song displaying Smiley’s superb writing ability while maintaining the easy going Rub-a-Dub sound that made him a household name as a member of the dancehall duo Michigan & Smiley in the late 70’s and 80’s. The album also features Ken Serious’ “Lively.” “Lively” is a high energy track that highlights Ken Serious fiery delivery and verbal prowess. Sgt. Remo’s “Vampires” is an evocative and striking track about the troubles plaguing society and offers a powerful message of hope. “Vampires” was produced by New Mexico’s Full Grown Studios and carries their signature organic sound. Mister Kali delivers a roots hit with “Sampson and Delilah.” This song was produced by Ceremony Studios and Mister Kali’s Dread-I Arts label. The album includes two feature riddims. The first feature riddim is the “Chanting” riddim produced by General Smiley’s Ruff Company Records. It features Ken Serious’ hit “Chanting” and Sgt. Remo’s “Third World Anthem.” The second feature riddim is the “More Than Gold” riddim produced by Ceremony Studios and Mister Kali’s Dread-I Arts label. It features the title track by Mister Kali, General Smiley’s “Let It Go,” and additional tracks by Ken Serious and Sgt. Remo. The album is rounded off by four remixes of the album songs by DJ Yahru El Guru and producer Arkitech. Their production and DJ skills produce a fresh new sound for each song as they flawlessly incorporate dub and dubstep elements. Their remixes give bring R.S.W. to a new audience while maintaining the fundamental nature of their music. Stay tuned for the release of "Reggae SoulJahs Vol. 1". You don't wan't to miss it.

Reggae SoulJahs Camouflage Tour

The Reggae SoulJahs Camouflage Tour is coming to a city near you this summer. We are bringing the tour to the Mid-West from Texas to Illinois and everything in between in June and July of 2011. -Mister Kali is hot off the press with his debut album Step Fast. If you haven't got a copy yet get online and get it. It's everywhere (itunes, digistation, ernie B's, etc). -General Smiley will be at Austin SXSW March 19. -Sgt. Remo & YEG DJ will be performing at the Denver, CO 420 festival at the Oriental Theater. Stay Tuned!