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2016 The New Upcoming CD

In 2016 Divine Sorrow will release their 3rd cd. For more than a year, new songs have been written and recorded and on the route to mix down in the new future. So watch for the updates and a 2016 CD Release Show by Divine Sorrow!

Warrior Fest 2014

April 19th--Awesome bands Divine Sorrow, Spacetrain, Static Life and Code 2, food, drink specials, a silent auction, and special guests...all for one purpose-to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project April 19th 2014 outside of Big Daddy's in Soulard With April comes the long awaited turn in the weather. Spring is in full effect, and people can begin to look ahead to the numerous festivals and outdoor events that will inevitably pop up. This year, one such event is Warrior Fest, a charity concert to spread awareness and raise money for Wounded Warrior Project. Warrior Fest takes place on April 19th, and it starts at 4pm outside of Big Daddy’s in Soulard. The event will run until 10pm, and it will feature popular St Louis rock bands Divine Sorrow and Space Train. Divine Sorrow, named 2013 rock band of the year by the Riverfront Times, will be headlining at 8:30pm. Also performing at Warrior Fest is the up and coming group Static Life, a young band from the St Louis area with a crisp, clean sound that will appeal to a wide audience. Special guests Tanner Williams and Chisum Frisch, Purple Heart recipients, will be attending the event to speak about how Wounded Warrior Project helped them after injuries that they sustained during a roadside bombing in Afghanistan in 2011. Throughout Warrior Fest, the bands will be spreading awareness of what Wounded Warrior Project is, who they help, and how they do it. A donation center will be set up where individuals can make donations directly to Wounded Warrior Project using a credit or debit card, and the event will host a silent auction that will feature a wide variety of auction items from massages, signed sports memorabilia, and dinner gift certificates to free stays at luxury hotels and hot air balloon rides. To keep the crowd’s hunger at bay, the surrounding establishments will provide a full menu as well as drink specials that will benefit Wounded Warrior Project. Steve’s Hot Dogs has agreed to place a hot dog stand along the street to provide gourmet hot dogs and drinks, and more businesses are joining in to provide donations and services nearly every day. Warrior Fest is free of charge, and everyone is welcome. However, that does not mean that everyone should leave their checkbooks at home. People will spend money on food and drinks, but profits from these costs will benefit the charity. Lastly, people will want to have some money on hand to bid on some great auction items. Cash will be accepted as payments for the items. If individuals do not have cash, they will have the option to make their auction payment directly to Wounded Warrior Project via debit or credit card.

New CD 2014

We are in the final stages of completing the 2nd CD. We added an additional song to the album last week due to Chappell's dream. The new song is called "Intercession" and it is a powerpunch of a song. Can't wait for you all to hear it!

Here goes nuthin'

So... here we are, just you and me. You were at our last show and had a great time, you bought a CD and have been listening to it ever since. So now what? What do you guys want from us? What would you like to see us do or offer you, our fan? We want to know, you guys are important to us and we are here for you, because of you, and we won't be here without you. Here is your chance to let us hear your voice! - DS

Cassandra Sewell
Cassandra Sewell  (over 4 years ago)

I would like to hear more music (which I know is coming) and see more shows (which I know are coming). So, basically, keep doing what you're doing and I, as a fan, will support you, as a band, in your endeavors. It would be great to have shows in other areas of the country too. It would also be great to have the merchandise be sold online. I think that's it for now. Keep rockin and I will definitely keep promoting on the East Coast!

First Show 7/23/11

We want to thank Dark Tomorrow, Artifakt, Truculent Void and Undenied for sharing the show last Saturday at Just Bills. Some great bands and we appreciate and support local music. You guys were all great.....

A special thanks to Lee Skyles from Chunksofmeat for a great show.

This was a really great first show for us, we feel this was a major stepping stone to the future of this band. The feedback we have received has been amazing and we thank everyone for their comments and friendship.

We are back to writing and will have more material soon and looking to book some more shows in the near future as well.

Thank you all for your support, we wouldn't be here without you.