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Another fun month of shows. The 17th show was a record for a Saturday afternoon for Leadbetters Tavern. Many thanks to all that came out. Also, thanks to bartenders Donna and Jimmy for never letting a glass go empty. Looking forward to 2012 with over 40 shows booked at Leadbetters and new stages coming as well. Again, thanks to everyone who supported me and the band in 2011.


Wow! What a month. Started with three shows with the band for the Fells Point Festival weekend. Many thanks to Crissy and Reggie for rock"in out the Point. Fridays show ended at 2 am and then back setting up for a noon show the next day and 2 pm on sunday. Thanks goodness for IHOP in between. I love the Festival. New people coming down to check out the music scene for the first time. Made lots of new friends. Mid October saw Cleveland based NoMad Soul ( www.reverbnation.com/nomadsoul ) band members sitting in on two set. Shannon, as always brought down the house. Tip of the hat to Crissy for helping out as well. Thanks to the "generous" crowd that bought round after round after round for the band. Thanks to my daughter for driving dad home.

Labor Day

Many thanks to all those who came out to the three labor day weekend shows. Great to see so many friends and making of new friends as well. Thanks to mother nature for keeping these gigs free from hurricanes and earthquakes.

Early March

A lot of shows in early March. The Saturday afternoon show at Leadbettters on the 12th was my best Saturday afternoon gig ever. Besides the number of people, I also made some new friends. Shannon and her husband Brian play in the band NOMAD Soul from Cleveland. Shannon joined me on stage for some songs. I love it when you meet new musicians from outside Baltimore. The Friday show on the 18th rocked!! My thanks to Reggie and Chrissy for forming the trio,"The Curt Reynolds Experience" Plan on joining me soon guys for another fun night.