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It is with greaat sadness to inform you of the passing of my Father; Lester Neville Norton. 01-17-1927-02-23-3013. He was a songwriter who was jotting down lyrics until a week before he passed. I have mountains of his lyrics he left behind. If there is anyone out there who would be willing to write music &/or record the music he had charts for please let me know.I will happily sing your songs for free in exchange. Thank you! Teri


I was DJ for the best & most unique wedding reception ever tonight!!! First of all, I've known the Groom since he was in school & his parents were our renters for over 5 years. I remember Nate & his brother Elliot from living next door so many years ago. Nate is now 23 & his little brother Elliot is now in the 6th grade!! I announced the wedding party & the Bride & Groom & played 'We Are Family" Nate gave me some great songs to play in a list he gave me. The first Dance was Roberta Flack: You Are The love Of My Life. I cried...it was like seeing one of my own children. Nate was so shy when he lived next door & has always had a place in my heart! All the wedding Party were dressed in Brown & the decorations were some of the most beautiful I've ever seen! Brava to Erica's Mom!! They had a back screen hung with all kinds of things like masks, mustashes, feather boas, etc for people to wear when photos were taken! During the Garter toss they did something so unique! They had the Garter on Nate's leg! She pulled it off & put it around a football & then tossed it. The football would be signedd by everyone there & they will keep it & give it to their first born son. I also reminded them that if they have a daughter....my name is Teri Kae!!!! Got a lot of laugh on that one as well as a comment I made where I asked how many of those dressed in brown actually worked for UPS! Yep, I'm a comedianne alright!!! There was another 'thing' they did I had never run across before: They had a box with a bottle of wine in it. there were also notes written by the bride & groom to each other stating what it was that made each of them fall in love with each other. Neither knows what the other said. The box will be displayed in their home until the 5th anniversary of the wedding. If they are still happily married at this time, they will open the letters & the wine & celebrate. If, for some reason they part ways before the 5th anniversary, they will also open the letters & the wine to remind them of why they fell in love & drink the wine in remembrance of a love they once knew.(If the notes don't remind them & rekindle the spark). I was dumbfounded by the thought that went into all these wonderful & unique Things!!

I played music from all genres & the dance floor was full all night. Days like this, I LOVE my 'job'. To share in such joy & happiness is a blessing!!! I sang two songs tonight....'Black Horse & A Cherry Tree" & 'Wonderful World" Eva Cassidy version. I sang that particular song because with all the evil & chaos in the world there are moments like tonight where you know there is still love & happiness to celebrate. Tonight wasn't a 'job' or a chore. Tonight wasa reminder of how joyous life can be. Thank you Brigette, Kurt, the new Mr. & Mrs Shultz & all the people I knew & didn't know for giving me the opportunity to share in your joy tonight!!