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Turns and staight aways

When life is going smooth and on its straight aways, we can become too relaxed and a bit complacent as people and as artists. When we reach turns, we tend to loose balance and fail to adjust to what the road of life is doing and crash. If you crash in a turn, repair, get back up and keep going. Don't be discouraged if you are coming into a turn or out of one. Know that if you keep your balance through out the whole ride, no matter how you turn out, you will be back on your staight away. The road of life and success are full of twist and turns, ups and downs, so enjoy every part of your journey, as one day it will be over. Cast Your worries upon the Lord! SolomusiQ

Be great, anything less is not an option

Being a musician requires hardwork and while putting in more effort while expecting to see little results. Never give up. For your dream is worth being turned down a million times just to get the one yes which will be your break through opportunity. I have yet to reach my destiny as you. I can guarntee you that I will not stop until God tells me to do so. Living life outside of my purpose is unaccecptable. Value yourself and your career, do more than what it takes to redeem the results you are looking for. The world famous group "The Beetle" were turned down by numerous record lables many times and they were one of the greatest acts to date. Take their approach and let no one stop you, and make everyone who tells you "no" into someone who regrets having passed on! Talent is a gift, success is an option, make the most of both.